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Maggie - USA

Maggie's Requiem Gown

Ever since seeing this dress with the Two Towers promotional screenshots, I wanted to make this dress!  It's my favorite of Arwen's dresses; the deep blue color with the contrasting silver is beautiful.  The beading design on the sleeves is extremely intricate and I knew it would be difficult to find a fabric for those sleeves.  After months of research and gathering fabric, I finally got started on the Requiem gown!

The underdress is made out of a thin blue satin; actually, in certain lighting, it looks violet.  The underdress is floor length and is without a train.  It is not too form fitting, so I can slip it on over my head without having to add a zipper.  I hand beaded the sleeves using the pattern from Alley Cat Scratch (thank you ACS!!).  The trim for the neckline and the sleeves is also handmade:  First I bought plain silver trim (about 1.5 inches wide), then I purchased a thinner silver trim that was slightly decorated.  I sewed the thinner trim onto the middle of the wide trim; next I sewed onto the middle of the trim a strip of sequins sewn onto embroidery (I got it in the trim section of the fabric store).  Then I sewed strips of plain sequins onto the top and bottom of the trim.  The lower sleeves are made out of organza, a sheer and shimmery type of fabric.  I used a yard of 45" fabric for each sleeve.  All I did for each sleeve was gather the top of it and sew it to the upper sleeve between the lining and the beaded satin.

The overdress, or jumper, is made out of navy blue crushed velvet.  There are not darts and is fitted at the sides and the back seam.  There is not a zipper on the overdress, but it is a stretchy velvet and it can slip over my head.  The jumper is very long (probably longer than the actual dress is :));  with the train, the dress is about seven feet long.  The trim for the this part of the dress is a smaller version of the underdress trim.  I took the thinner, decorated silver trim and the sequin and embroidery trim and sewed them together. 

The cape is made out of the same blue satin that I used for the underdress.  I started out with the cloak pattern Simplicity 5794, view B.  I did alter this pattern by adding a train to the back; the cloak is about eight feet long altogether!  It's huge!

The crown that I'm wearing is one that I got in the bridal section of the fabric store; I know she's not wearing a crown in this scene, but I just thought that it matched the costume.  The lantern that I'm holding is just one that I found on sale that I thought looked like the one she's carrying in The Two Towers when she's leaving Rivendell. 

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This page was last updated 11/21/09