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Anita - Norway

Miriel Gown

I found a maroon gorgeous fabric with a velvety pattern, and it made me want to make something a bit "royal". I ended up mixing elvish and human - kind of an Eowynish elf look. I made my own pattern, empire style with a half circle skirt for the over-dress. I regretted the half circle while I hemmed it by hand, but when I spin or dance it looks amazing. This dress is fully lined with soft silk satin, as I really wanted to feel like a princess this time.

When the over-dress is worn alone, It's like wearing silk pajamas!

In the neckline I fastened a store-bought trim with beads, stones and rhinestones which took me ages to fasten with invisible thread.

The invisible zipper is hand fastened in the back. The funniest thing happened when I pulled the zipper up for the first time: This is the place where four pieces of the patterned fabric meet. I hadn't planned for it, but the pattern in all four pieces match each other perfectly! Totally coincidental - and looks like it's carefully planned :)

The under-dress in maroon stretch velvet is much shorter and has an outrageous neckline - it had to be below the neckline of the over-dress, and I guess I overdid it a bit :) I'll never dare wearing it by itself! This dress has huge lower sleeves in the same fabric as the over-dress. At the elbows, I had to fasten that same store-bought trim again...

The mantle was inspired by Eowyn's funeral and coronation mantles, and is in the same fabric as the over-dress, fully lined with thick brown wool. In other words: warm and heavy.

The mantle is made from 3 panels, mostly because of the size of the pieces of fabric I had left. I fastened the trim along the edge before doing the bottom seam (baglining), so that the backside of the fastening wouldn't show. Turning the whole thing inside-out, and then "outside-in" again through a tiny hole in the hem, was a project in itself... In about breast height, there are fastening loops hidden in the seam. The loops can be pulled out a bit if need be, and used to fasten my gold chain across the breast if the wind threatens to rip the mantle off my shoulders.

The dress and mantle took me ages to finish, mainly because of the fastening of the trim. The trim was pointy all along the edges, and my tiny hand stitches is all around it... In addition, the density of the trim made it difficult getting my needle through! I spent about 8 hours fastening every 20 cm of trim - then my patience was spent for that day, and the needle put away for later :)


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