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Maggie - USA

Maggie's Galadriel Gown

This dress I made without a pattern, but I based it on dresses that were similar in shape. The underdress and the lace dress are two separate pieces. I made it this way because I wanted to use the same underdress for Arwen's Bridge Dress from FOTR. The underdress is made out of white silk essence from JoAnn Fabrics, and it is lined with white cotton. It is floor length, without a train.

The overdress is made out of lace that I found at Walmart. It isn't exactly like the fabric of the actual costume, but it has a nice floral pattern that I thought was fitting for Galadriel. The neckline of the lace overdress is about two inches above that of the underdress and has pearl-like beads sewn on at about every inch. It does not actually have a train, but is about six inches longer in the front and the back. (This is kind of difficult to walk around in, since I have to lift it up all the time)


The sleeves are just a basic bell shape, but they are very long and wide.


The brooch is one that I made, but it took several steps. First I sculpted it out of clay, which acted as a cast for my mold. I bought a molding kit which includes rubber that must be mixed to made the mold. I then poured the liquid rubber over the clay cast and waited for it to dry. Once the I had the rubber mold, I used a substance called Rigid Urethane for the final product. This method for making the brooch is rather extensive and does take a long time.

The brooch could have been made out of Fimo or a similar product, but I haven't used that and I was afraid of breaking a clay version of it. The urethane version is very sturdy; it is sewn onto the dress.


I made a short cloak to match the dress, although it is not like any of the ones that Galadriel wears in the movie. It only comes down to about my waist because the fabric I used was only 45" wide. It is the same semi-circle pattern that I used for my Fellowship cloaks (only shorter :) The cloak is made out of the same white silk essence as the underdress and is lined with white cotton. The cloak fastener is a gold metal one that I bought at the fabric store.

The hood is a basic square pattern, with each side measuring 18".

With the extra fabric I had from the lace overdress (which was about 2.5 yards), I made a cloak-like piece. Actually, I didn't have to do anything to this, all I do for it is tuck it under the shoulders of the dress when I want to wear it.

The belt is made out of vinyl and ribbon. It is about 3 inches wide; I attached the ribbon to the vinyl to make it more sturdy. It connects in the back with grommets and laces. On the middle of the belt I put a white flower decorated with sequins that I found in the bridal section of the fabric store.

The crown is made out of 20 gauge silver and gold wire. All I did for this was shape it using pliers.

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