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Madison's Examples - Colorado, USA

Forth Eorlingas

The first two images are of my horse, Lucy, modeling her Rohan armor which is made from scrape leather purchased at hobby lobby and assembled. The scale look comes from each piece which was cut into 1" by 1" squares and glued w/ Elmers to another, thinner piece of leather which is underneath. The gold decor is just other pieces of glued on leather that is painted with acrylics. The armor is attached by ties to the bridle at the crown and on the cheeks and a noseband which buckles under the chin.

I made the costume for a freestyle reining pattern at a horse show in april and to feed my LOTR fetish. My song was "Forth Eorlingas" from TTT soundtrack. My horse of course had the armor and my costume ended up being based largely on theoden's though with different colors. A guess at what Eowyn might wear in the ROTK perhaps.

The under tunic was 3 yards of burgundy cotton and made using a basic T-tunic pattern though it was lengthened and a split was made front and back for riding. The over tunic is made from navy twill, I think it was 2 yards and trimmed with an inexpensive (but, in a pattern seen elsewhere in Rohan) gold trim.

For those on a budget, the boots I wore are my *rubber* tall boots for the few occasions I show English and can be bought at tack stores for about $25.

The spear is made from a 1 1/8" wooden closet rod I minwaxed for the color and aged effect and the tip is made from leather for safety and lack of ability to get a live steel one.

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