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Candice's Example

Nebraska, USA

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Eowyn's White Wool Dress

One day I decided it would be fun to make this dress, and then to wear it to my senior prom. I did most of my research on your site (Thanks so much!) and decided to use Simplicity Pattern 9891 (naturally!).

I modified the neck to make it a V-neck (with help from a very kind aunt of mine) and added just a little bit of a train. The pattern doesn't call for a lining on the sleeves because I guess you're supposed to use a very sheer material, but that wouldn't work for Eowyn's dress so I added the lining too. (The directions didn't call for blind hem, but I did that too).

Well, I don't have the funds to buy fine wool (nor did I care to sweat in it at my prom) so I found a polyester weave that had a nice texture to it. Much cheaper ($5.49 US per yard), and I think it looks fabulous. For the lining of the sleeves I found a cream brocade ($9.99 US per yard). At Walmart they had some perfect cream rope cording stuff for the elbow ties, and I trimmed the neckline with a gold and cream ribbon (on sale! woohoo! the wallet of a high schooler is a wee bit tight, if you can't tell).

The belt was tricky. I didn't want it to look cheap; after all I'm wearing it to my senior prom. I found a silver belt at a mall that was the PERFECT shape. It's not exactly like Eowyn's, but similar enough from a distance (and it even has little stars on it!) The only problem was the shade of silver was WAY off; it was that really dark blackish silver. So I painted it with model car paint, and now no one can tell. For the cloth part of the belt, I used the same stuff as I made the bulk of my dress from, and trimmed it in cording (gold and silver braided. very nice). I had to hand stitch the loopy stuff on the strip that hangs down... invisible thread is a lifesaver!

I tacked on the elbow ties. I had my mom tie them on me the way I wanted, and then had her pin it, and then I took off the dress and put a few stitches in too keep it in place. In the long run I think this is easier than tying and untying those babies everytime you put the dress on or take it off.

With school and extracurriculars, I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to do this. I have sewn a few things before, but I do consider myself an amateur still. I started this in mid-January 2003, and didn't finish until mid-April 2003. Yikes. But I got it done in time for prom, and that's all I care about!

I am majorly pleased with how I did. It's not exactly exact, but in my eyes its perfect! My prom was a BLAST; everyone adored my dress and recognized it (well, the cool people who have seen LOTR did anyways) They're putting a picture of it in the yearbook. Booyah! And I can't wait for Return of the King to come out; I am SO gonna be there stylin in my creation!