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Karolina, Sweden

Arwen Undómiel's Ceremonial Gown

My sister is the model as she is the real Arwen.

I fell in love with this gown as soon as I first saw it. It is really beautiful! Actually I made this dress pretty fast, just in a few days, and it did not cost me a lot of money at all! At home I had this old, thin, light-green fabric which was perfect for this dress! All I had to buy was a few different kinds of lace and a different green fabric for the underdress. I got it all very cheap from a second-hand shop.

The pattern I used was a "burda EASY" No. 2943, and of course I made a few modifications on it as I made it longer and modified the neck- lining. The underdress is actually no more than a shirt that I made of the little bit thicker, darker green fabric. I put different kinds of laces on the neck-line and around the upper arms. Then I put on the long sleeves from the thin, light-green fabric which each has the form of half an half-circle. Over this comes the overdress made of the same fabric as the long sleeves. The neckline on this overdress is lace.

The crown on the pictures is actually a very old thing from the 1920's, which my mother bought long ago in a second hand store in Paris! It turned out to be almost identical with the crown Arwen wear in the movie!



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