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Dendera  -  Oregon, USA

Eowyn's White Wool Gown

Costume details: The moment I saw this dress on the big screen, I knew I had to have it. Originally, I purchased Butterick #3552 to use, but due to a job promotion, I was seriously lacking the time to put it all together myself. Instead, I sent all of the materials I had chosen to a seamstress, who did a fabulous job. The dress is made with a soft, cream-colored gabardine, and lined with cream silk essence for the sleeves. Both the braided and golden trims were purchased at Joann's.

The belt:  I made it myself, by drafting my own pattern. It is heavily beaded, garnished with an elaborate metallic trim at the top, and consists of many medallions (originally from another belt) that were painted gold. The belt fabric is the same as the dress itself, made to be a little thicker, and has a hidden snap in the front. It is actually two separate parts; the long tail slips onto the body of the belt. For an experiment, I think it turned out fairly well.




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