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Artis A. / Farliner - Latvia

Second Era Elven Officer of Gil-Galads army 

Patterns: For armor layer and sword I used whatever info was available on  site and carefully watched movie numerous times and studied Extended DVD design galleries and examined what other people have made.

For Cloak - started with the info in, but then my wife concluded, that the different pattern was needed, so we created it.  

Fabric: For cloak and sash - Synthetic Satin, leather and steel for the rest. Building: After I so the movie, I was fascinated with the elven warriors depicted in the prologue, and decided to build a suit of such armor, suitable for the Live Action Role Playing needs.  

Parts for the plate armor were cut out of sheet steel (1 mm thickness) and then riveted to the leather straps, much like in Roman Lorica Segmentata armor. Later I added the raised parts of the design using "hot glue pistol", then covered the entire suit in golden color. After some thinking I decided against making the 2nd era helmet, as I do not poses the required skills, and equipment to do so, and instead built a 3d era Elven warrior helmet, as it is far easier to make, as it consists of several individual parts. For this I used excellent templates found in Haldir's Elven Archers website, , and the end result was even better than I expected, as the helmet fit the armor design quite well.  

The sword was made out of plywood, then curved handle was carved out using the angle grinder and lots of patience, blade part was covered with thin metal foil and handle covered with color and lacquered. Later I used gold pen to add writings in Sindarin and incrustations to the blade. Sheath was made out of suede glued to the outer layer of stiff leather, then the outer layer was inscribed with elven whine-like designs.

Since the set of armor is intended for LARP, it is not 100% accurate to the movies, as it had to relay the individual traits of my character.

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