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Merry's Rohan Helmet

(or high rez here) (or high rez here)
Cheek guard - mix of leather and a silver toned metal edged in brass Enhanced to bring up metal pattern.
Enhanced to bring up leather tooled pattern Brass band on helmet pattern
Front and part of nose piece Top of helmet, leather horses tooled with gold.  On brass helmet.
  Back of helmet - Tooled horses

The metal bowl has tooled leather halves overlaying the front hemisphere, with metal ridge, rim, and nasal. Fairly close-fitting, not really very conical (though the ridge may give that impression). Metal parts are etched or engraved with various interlaced or knot work designs, and parts are embellished with copper and bronze. (The ridge and the nasal with its "eyebrows" both have a high V-shaped cross-section which will be the very devil to re-create in metal but will be much simpler for folks using clay or epoxy!) Cheek pieces are steel with engraved designs. Along the front edge is a tooled dark red leather border which seems to match that on the vambraces. The entire perimeter (except the top where it meets the bowl) has a brass edging on it, made in 4 pieces that overlap or meet at each corner or angle. The cheek pieces are probably hinged to the helmet by a piece of leather inside, since two pairs of rivets can be seen. The neck guard is made of two leather segments or "lames", again probably suspended on internal leather straps. The lames may be tooled like the rest of the helmet, but this can't be determined by the photos. The upper lame overlaps the lower, and is overlapped in turn by the helmet rim. Both lames are overlapped by the rear edges of the cheek pieces. Finally, there is a leather chinstrap that connects the cheek pieces and is presumably buckled, but again the details are not visible.

Open Question:  are the leather chin straps attached to the cheek guards as many historic helmets do (Roman as one example) and go under the chin, or do they attach at the inside of the helmet above the cheek guard joints (the reason for this is that the cheek guards are jointed, allowing for movement, and if strapped there, they would pinch the neck and jaw in order to hold the helmet on)?

Pictures in this section thanks to Secrete Elf, Garfeimao, Kelldar

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