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Merry's Fellowship Outfit

(check out more information and pictures under Fellowship Hobbits)

  (higher rez pic)
Merry's vest, note pointed collar Quilting detail

Quick Description

  • Brown trousers, pockets,
  • button suspenders/braces -likely X-back
  • White shirt with normal collar, 5 visible buttons, wide tight cuffs come to wrist
  • Yellow vest w/5 flat buttons, decorated in all over stipple quilting design,
  • back belt
  • Charcoal grey frock coat, flap pockets at waist seam, 3 buttons, back is split CB tails each side has two knife pleats, sleeves have split cuffs
  • Dun colored hooded cloak, fastens with a tab buttoned on each side of throat


Looking for a more detailed study...check out Kel's study pages: http://www.stitchinbabes.com/merry.html

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