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International Space Development Conference 2002

Future Fashion Design Rules

1.            This Future Fashion Design Show is focused specifically on the creation of plausible and wearable designs for clothing to be worn during the future Exploration, Development and Colonization of Space by humans. 

2.            Selected designs will be displayed as part of the Art Show at the International Space Development Conference 2002.  To be held in Denver, Colorado May 23 - 27, 2002.

3.            All designs must be ORIGINAL IDEAS. You can draw your design on a traced figure or have someone else draw it for you, but the idea itself must be original. If someone other than the designer is drawing the design, please give them credit on the back of the design. Please be neat.

4.            This Future Fashion Design Show is an event in itís own right.  We welcome the submission of designs that have been entered in prior Future Fashion Design competitions, or designs that have been created for other Future Fashion Shows.

5.            All designs must be on 8.5" by 11"  ( or A4) sheets of paper. (We would prefer white.) Detail work or back views may be put on extra sheets.

6.            Your name and address MUST be marked clearly on the back of EACH AND EVERY design sheet submitted, NOT just on the envelope or just one of the entries.   Your email and/or phone would also be appreciated should we need to contact you quickly regarding further presentation developments.

7.            You may, in fact we encourage you to, submit your designs in color. But we MUST have a black and white line copy of your design.  This means black ink on white 8.5" by 11" paper.  Please make sure your black and white copy is clean and will reproduce well.

8.            Please submit any description of the design, explanation, notes, etc. typed on a separate sheet of paper from the design itself.

9.            DO NOT SEND US ORIGINAL ARTWORK. All designs should be photo-copies or any other clear, non-smudging reproduction.

10.       If you color your design, DO NOT use anything that requires spray fixative, or may smear, smudge, stick, or flake off on other people's drawings.

11.       Number entries consecutively on the back in the upper right hand corner. Example: If you submit 4 designs, they will be numbered as follows - #1 of 4, #2 of 4, etc. Your black and white set should be labeled B/W #1 of 4, etc.

12.       Enter as many designs as you wish and as often as you wish, PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE OF May 1, 2002.

13.       Please let us know what category you think your design should be in, Exploration, Development (could also include business attire of future corporations) or Colonization.  You can include design details, fabric suggestions, and colors if you want.  The Folio Director reserves the right to shift the category of a design if necessary. 

14.       Your designs will not be returned unless you request it and have also included a BIG ENOUGH SASE with SUFFICIENT POSTAGE on it, with your designs.  If the design has been previously created, any photos you submit of the finished design will be return at our expense.

15.       By submitting your designs to the ISDC 2002, you agree to the non-profit use and publication of said designs by ISDC, prior to and during the run of the conference.  All rights revert back to the designer after the conference.

16.       Designs may be submitted electronically in .JPEG format.

17.       Designs may be published on the Conference website.  If you do not want your designs published on the internet, please include an affidavit stating your wishes with your submissions.  Also please note your wishes not to publish electronically on each design.

Original Rules by F.W. Evans

Modified 1/2002 by

Michael J. Bruno

Future Fashion Director

ISDC 2002

2980 Roche Dr South

Colorado Springs, CO  80918


Conference Information: International Space Development Conference 2002,


Summary contest information <here>.

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