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Celebrian, Wife of Elrond

The tunic is of dupioni silk, with metallic synthetic thread used for the embroidery. The robe is of a stretch velvet, which drapes wonderfully.

Offhand I can't recall the basic patterns used, but we modified them anyway, to add a mandarin collar with a buttoned slit to the tunic, and some things like that. I can dig out the pattern when I get home, if you like. With the tunic embroidery, I reconstructed the design based on still photos, then found the design on your website and verified it against my reconstruction, and used it.

The tunic does NOT have petaled hem; it has a straight hem, more like a dress. I thought this would be more in line with what Celebrian would wear. The petaled hem tunic is there for freedom of movement of the legs, as a warrior would need; consequently it didn't seem appropriate for Celebrian.

At a later date, I plan to use fabric paint to recreate the burnout pattern found on the sleeves and shoulders of Elrond's robe. I may possibly also add a brocade collar and cuffs.


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