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Renee (shieldmaiden1972) -Michigan

“Mrs. Boromir” Gondorian Woman Costume

The Boromir Cloak

I used the Simplicity 7016 cloak pattern. The outer layer is brown crushed panne from JoAnn Fabric. The lining of the cloak is black Kasha flannel-backed satin from MacPhee Workshop (Edmonton, Alberta). The lining of the hood is black faux Persian, and the trim along the front edges is brown faux mink; both faux furs are from Denver Fabrics (Denver, Colorado). I splurged on the cloak clasp and used some birthday money to get a custom-made replica of the original lacers (made by Bill Dawson of Olympia, Washington). They’re wonderful! :) I made a 4-strand braid out of black faux leather strips (3-yd packages from JoAnn’s) to tie the cloak.

The cloak was very easy to put together, but I had to shorten it 3 or 4 times to get the length just right. The Simplicity pattern doesn't have a lining, but I added one because the original is lined. The first hood I made (according to the pattern) seemed like it would be too small, so I made a second, larger one, but ended up using the first one after all. I also added a black coat hook-and-eye at chest level to keep it closed on windy days, and used the armhole option of the Simplicity pattern (the original doesn’t have armholes, I know, but I felt they would be more practical for me as my cloak is everyday wear, not just a costume).


The Gondorian Dress

Since I didn’t have much information on Gondorian women’s clothing, I decided to make a very simple tunic-style dress (pattern at --click on “All-Purpose T-Tunic”). I used navy blue polyester “wool” crepe from Fashion Fabrics Club for the dress and a matching drawstring bag. I used silver metallic thread to embroider the White Tree of Gondor onto the bag, and to add straight-stitching to the neckline, sleeves, and hem of the dress. I used light blue brocade rope from JoAnn’s to finish the look.

The dress was very easy to make, once I got the measurements right (I made three muslins before I finally figured it out!). The drawstring bag was easy to make, too, but embroidering it was not. The whole thing was very fussy (metallic thread and polyester "wool" crepe are tricky to put together); I tried hand-embroidery, which I'm not skilled at, and finally did it on my sewing machine, one stitch at a time. I think it turned out very well in spite of my lack of skill. :)

The Finished Costume

I wore my finished costume, complete with brown boots and gloves, jewelry, and my long hair tied up in what I hoped was a Gondorian-appropriate bun, to the 4:30pm showing of “Return of the King” at Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was the only one in costume, and got stared at a LOT. :)

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This page was last updated 11/21/09