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Dernhelm D - Massachusetts, USA

ROTK Opening as Dernhelm 

Several friends and I  went to the opening of ROTK in costume.  We also dressed up for Halloween. I dressed up as Dernhelm for both.

My mom helped me a lot on all the sewing. she isn't a seamstress by trade but she's pretty handy with a sewing machine. I am a totally clueless beginner and I wouldn't have dreamed of attempting to make my own patterns etc., but I found it quite simple.    

I used tar paper for the "armor", boots, helmet, and vambraces. the boots didn't hold up very well. I ended up wrapping them with clear packing tape.      

Pattern for the chest armor Tar paper "armor"

Attached are measurements and a pattern for the helmet. Instructions are for assembling helmet:

bullet1. Staple number one together with the small ends.
bullet2. Staple the number two pieces perpendicular to each other intersecting each other at the centers.
bullet3. Staple the attached number 2 pieces to number one.
bullet4. Staple the number five pieces in the gaps on top. 
bullet5. Staple number three to number one.
bullet6. Staple the two number fours to number one on the sides of number three, with the bigger ends of number four on the bottom.
bullet7. voila! paint it or whatever you want to do.    
Helmet pattern Ready for battle! Hello!

For the maille I used a silver/black fabric, I don't know the name, but it had about the texture of tinsel. I cut out pieces and sewed them to a shirt, and wore it under the armor.      

For the green tunic I used some thin, tough green fabric. I attached a description of the pattern.           

I also made an evenstar pendant. I used sculpey clay and some sparkly "stampendous" scrapbooking stickers from Michaels for the jewels on it, and also some wire, 28 gauge I think.

I printed out an actual size picture of the real evenstar (I also printed out a large picture of it for details). I used this picture and placed the clay directly on it. then I formed the clay so it was the exact size. then I drew the leaf lines in it with a toothpick. then I put six oval shapes in the center to put the stickers on. then I put the wire on it. then I baked it. then I sprayed it with silver spray paint. then I placed the stickers on it, and voila!  

Final, next to the big picture that was blown up to see the detail Evenstar: Sculpy, wire and sticker stones

Costumes with Friends


You can also check out her website at:

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