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Maggie - USA

Maggie's Legolas outfit

This was actually one of my first LOTR costumes that I made. The blue undershirt is made out of silk essence that can be found at JoAnn Fabrics. I based it on a pattern for a tunic, but I changed the sleeves to make wider cuffs. I embroidered the fabric that covers the shoulders, which took a long time! The collar has interfacing in it which makes it stiff.  There are four clasps on it, but they are nonfunctional - I just put it on over my head.

I made the belt out of strips of cream colored vinyl that I braided. I also added a leaf shaped piece of vinyl onto the front of the belt, onto which i embroidered the vines of the leaves in gold.

The jerkin is made out of lightweight upholstery fabric in a light shade of green. I used darker green antique silk for the embroidered part of the jerkin.  I hand embroidered the front, sleeves, and back of the jerkin. There are grommets on the sides and the back of the jerkin and is laced with brown leather cord.

The front closes using hooks and eyes, which are hidden beneath the fabric and the underside of the jerkin.

The pants I did not make, but they are just gray velvet pants that I thought looked like the actual Legolas costume. The boots are black leather riding boots.

The vambraces are made out of pleather and are self lined. I painted the designs with gold and silver paint; I started off with the real design, but I had to modify while I was working on it.

The bow is just a rounded branch that I found. I sanded it and then painted it; for the raised leaf designs, I used gold puffy paint. The bowstring is three strands of braided elastic (two silver strings, and one gold strand).

The arrows are dowel rods that are stained a dark color with feathers glued on. They have no tips, but I might try to add tips made out of Fimo.

The quiver is made out of cardboard shaped into the right form. I then covered that with a light brown vinyl. Then I painted the peacock design on the vinyl with acrylic paint.

The blades of the knives are made out of thin wood, which I spray painted. For the design on the blades, I used gold acrylic paint. The handles of the knives are made out of a branch that I found that had the right shape and color that I was looking for. I also used the gold acrylic paint for the design on the handles. I made the scabbards for the knives out of cream colored vinyl (the same material as that used for the belt for the undershirt). I painted the designs on with the same gold acrylic. The scabbards are sewn directly onto the quiver.

For my hair, I put in a herringbone braid in the back, and two regular braids on the sides. My ear tips are the Small Space Ear tips by Woochie, which I bought at a costume store.


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