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Ason - Texas, USA

Strider Vest and Weapons, Elven Weapons

This is my version of Aragorns jerkin. This is not suede side out as in the movie. I made it in pieces to convey the spirit of the ranger wear and tear, also because the pieces of leather I had were not big enough to make it full length anyway! The sides are laced and the front closes with 4 to 1 leather braids, the instructions for which I got from a link on this site. All edges except the bottom are finished with a separate strip of leather. All pieces in this jerkin I cut by hand from deer hides from deer that I killed with my bow. Yes, those are arrow holes in the back. It is stained with a dark brown stain which gives it a rich tobacco like color. I basically used a pattern for a ren doublet to get the shape.

front side back

These are copies of Elven weapons given to the fellowship in Lothlorien. They are made from cocabola wood which is very dense and heavy. They are one piece and the scabbards are made from the pieces of wood that were on either side of the blade, thus the grain carries on from the knife handle into the scabbard. Also there is the Elven warrior sword from the FOTR prologue. It is one piece maple with a painted handle.


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