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As with all of my costumes it was all bargain bin fabric, $5/m CDN or less except for the black fake suede for the jerkin which was $10. The jerkin was an extremely simplified Butterick pattern #5656(despite the slightly silly-looking picture on the front I've found it to be a very useful pattern - I've modified it for everything). I know it should be brown, but hey, artistic license. I like black.

For the shirt I just used a basic yoke pattern from somewhere and extended it into a shirt, though I didn't discover till later that his shirt really does have a yoke on it instead of a collar. Such is life. The sleeves were actually pretty simple, each is two pieces. One piece is 60" long by 1" wide at the ends curving to about 4" at the center, with rows of gathers just over 1cm apart. The main piece of the sleeve is just a rectangle.

The Fellowship cloak was fun, I am not fond of sewing but I like making cloaks. The fabric was a lucky find, I'm pretty sure it's pure wool and it's the perfect color. I got the pattern from Alleycatscrath (under Things) but altered the hood so that the face hole was bigger than the neck hole. The pin I made myself, out of silver-plated copper wire and Sculpey with that powder stuff that you can paint on it to make it shine, don't remember what it's called but I used both green and silver.

The best bit, though, is that two of my friends bought me the ring of Barahir for Christmas. They even got the perfect size. You know who you are, guys, you rock!


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