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Corbyjane - USA

Eowyn's Refugee Gown


I made this dress mostly from a simplicity jumper pattern—I don't know what the number is, but I've used it for everything from Padmé's peasant vest to a bodice for my mother. I had to alter it somewhat so it was a little more tapered. To make the indents in the side, I traced an oval and chalked it on the fabric, then cut along the chalk-line.

The fabric is a heavy-weight cotton in a warm brown (warmer than it looks in the pictures). I self-lined it, and the thing is so heavy, you wouldn't believe.

After I sewed the pieces together, I hammered the grommets (bronzed medium from Wal-Mart), bought my cord (1/4 gold), and put a "fancy" stitch around the neckline in a slightly lighter brown than the dress. It's the only ornamentation I put on it.  


I found the ideal fabric at Beverly's… part of their "sheers", it's blue with a line running through it. It was pretty stiff when I bought it, but when I washed it, it loosened up and shrunk a little bit, so it got a sort of texture to it. I think it looks almost exact.

I traced the same jumper pattern, drafted my sleeves, and sewed it together. There wasn't enough for a whole dress, or I would have made the real thing with the split skirt; instead it ends at about mid-calf, which is why you don't see the hem in the pictures.

This was my 8th sewing project… the whole thing took me two weeks.



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