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Anna - Georgia, USA

Green Elf Costume from Sari

Initially I picked up the Simplicity 4940 obvious choice pattern. I went to our local Indian sari store and picked out a gorgeous sari made of transparent chiffon tie-dyed in black and bright green.

A sari is a 6 yard piece of fabric designed to be wrapped around the body in a certain way, one end of the fabric left to dangle off your arm. This end piece is the most heavily decorated part of a sari and on this one it was solid greenish-black and covered with gold sequin hand embroidery.

So I got home with the Generic LOTR Dress pattern only to discover that I couldn't use it - it called for too much fabric. So I found Simplicity 4675, drop-waisted dress with some nice simple seams and darts giving shape to the top.


Chiffon is a demon to work with. I prefer to sew things by hand and this dress was no exception. The fabric is very hard to control in a sewing machine. It doesn't hold pins easily and frays quickly. Not for beginners! Silk would have been easier! But I'm very happy with the result in the end. It's a little see-thru. But that just means it will be nice and airy at the con!


I've been making costumes since I was teenager, and I learn new things each time I make something. This dress really turned out well and I can say that experience really counts in sewing! I'm proud of it!

For those interested I have done a little Elvish calligraphy, check it out on my website: 

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