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Sam's Fellowship outfit

  Rom display  
  CU of Sam's vest and buttons  


Sam's Coat Sam's Vest

Quick Description:

  • Dun colored trousers with patch on right knee?,  
  • X-back button suspenders/braces, pockets
  • Plain white shirt with pointed collar - topstitched in big stitches, 6 visible buttons, narrow cuffs come to wrist
  • Grey & white herringbone striped vest (stripes do not always match at shoulder seam), two waist pockets with flaps, 6 flat buttons
  • Dun colored sack coat lined in tan, faint striping,  low patch pockets on each side, crotch level hem, blanket stitched around edge (no collar), elbow patches
    • The jacket is a wool/mohair rough woven blend with a base of dark brown and an overall impression of gray (many mixed colors/fibers in it). It is lined with a tan or "natural" colored cotton.
  • Olive Drab hooded cape ties with self-ties at throat
Sam's knapsack, bottom right is the skillet Sam's salt and herb box
(very blurry)
Sam's backpack.  Standard size and mini-me.  Note how perfectly the items are matched.
(or high rez here)
Sam's elven roap CU on pots and pans

Thank you to Torn for these pictures.  Full gallery here: http://www.theonering.net/scrapbook/group/987

  Boda water bag Blanket.  Note the twill weave
  • Notes on rope:
    • "We came up with one four-ply matted rope; the fourth ply was a silver stand to make it look like more than the usual rope thread. Up close, it appears as if it has a twist of silver running through it?
      • Nick Weir
      • LOTR: FCOMM #4, Unsung Heroes: Prop Master Nick Weir by Dan Madsen

Want more on Sam's outfit?  Check out Leah's study pages: http://www.hot-lead.org/Samcostume/

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