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Aislyn - Utah, USA

Simple Girl's Arwen Coronation Gown

My little girl is a huge Lord of the Rings fan and was dying for what she called a "green Arwen" costume - AKA Coronation Gown. This is the first thing I have ever sewn in my life and I was amazed how easy it was. I couldn't read the instructions, they were in some sewing language completely foreign to me but the pictures were worth a thousand words, and I think I got the idea well enough. I used Simplicity 4944 B since the sleeves and neckline were similar to the coronation gown, but I omitted the gathered waist and just extended the bodice down into an A-line shape much better suited for the Coronation Gown (and much faster and easier). I also did not gather the sleeves (I don't know how anyway!).


I was going to do the gown in lime green panne velvet but at the last minute I found this mint poly crepe at WalMart for $2.00 a yard and the color was much more appealing to me than the lime so I bought 3 yards. I also purchased a yard of white lace material for $3 which I used for the detail on the upper sleeves and collar. I dyed the lace a light green to better match the crepe. Total this costume cost me around $12.00! Beat that Rubies!

I used the remaining fabric to make a matching Trick or Treat bag and a miniature version of the Coronation banner that Arwen carries in that scene. I found a picture of the banner on an eBay auction and just traced as much of the design as possible onto my tiny little banner with pencil and then filled in with silver puff paints and rhinestones for stars. It isn't anywhere near true to the original and even further from perfection but my daughter didn't care and its all for fun! Two 50-cent dowels glued into a T shape hold the banner and she was ready for the Coronation!


The wig was an eBay find, as well as the butterfly crown - an adult crown that I bent into a smaller shape.

All in all, it only took me 4 hours to create this, and would probably take far less time for someone familiar with a sewing machine - I spent a half hour of that time trying to figure out how to wind and load the bobbin! What a great idea for a busy mom - cheap, fast, and very effective.


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This page was last updated 11/21/09