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Deb - New South Wales, Australia

Elvish Wedding

The dress is made from the infamous Simplicity 9891 with a lot of modifications to suit what I wanted the dress to look like. I created my own sleeves by cutting a huge U-shape. The beading is a design taken from a Maori pattern called "koiri" which means "to flourish" - (I am a kiwi by birth, now an aussie by marriage.)

The beading was hand-sewn bead-by-bead onto a metallic ribbon base, and I used a silver braid for the border. The dress is Winston Satin, and the sleeves from a light-weight rayon/lycra type fabric which was hideously expensive!

I cut the fabric to form a short train, so the dress had to be bustled to prevent it from dragging in the mud (it was a rainy day). The dress was also lined with standard lining. The top of the sleeves were made from satin with a silver and white lace over the top, and tiny glass beads sewn onto the lace by hand.
The headpiece is 6 gauge fencing wire with beading wire and glass beads all intricately woven and hammered, with a beautiful store-bought crystal and pewter butterfly wired on the back. The wire and butterfly were painted with silver craft paint.
The headpiece was modified once because it sat too low on my head, and the dress had to be altered a couple of times because the fabric got damaged and I lost weight!
The whole thing took me about 4 months to make late at night and on the weekends, with a huge period where I just gave up because the beading was so intricate!
I wore ballet slippers with sewn on ribbon and beading since the wedding was on the beach.

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