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Dana (cleopatramwi) - Wisconsin, USA

Eowyn's Coronation Gown

Pattern:  I made my own pattern and worked from a muslin mock-up.  I essentially pinned myself into the bodice, fitted the side seams and had my husband cut me out of the muslin.   

Fabric:  I used a silk/rayon brocade in a mum pattern for the overdress, 8mm habotai silk for the underdress and lining.  The oversleeves are lined with charmeuse at the cuffs and the undersleeves are made of a crinkle silk metallic tissue.  All the fabric was originally white.  I dyed the fabric myself by mixing Tan, Golden Yellow, and Yellow RIT dyes.

Notes about building:  This gown took me about 7 months to complete.  I was relatively experienced at sewing, but this was definitely the biggest project I had undertaken to date.  The bodice is constructed of 3 layers of silk and 1 layer of stabilizer and fitted over a corset.  I had to make the overskirt in 4 panels because of the narrowness of the brocade (22” wide).  

I hand embroidered all the details on the front and back neckline, belt and skirt panels.  I did the embroidery pattern on the belt by eye, which was a mistake.  For the embroidery on the collar and skirt I used the wonderful patterns on the ACS site.  The belt alone took two months to embroider.  The two skirt panels took approximately 3 months to embroider.  I embroidered 1 inch per night at 2hrs per inch. 

Completed neckline Detail of center front

I used mother-of-pearl beads on the belt and collar for the beaded trim.  They were a gift that I had in my closet for the longest time.  I hand plaited gold DMC floss to make the ties for the upper sleeve. 

I decided immediately that I would not make the mantle.  The amount of embroidery on it was truly intimidating!  I also opted not to add the gold flowers as I am inept at metalworking.

Link to my Livejournal:   www.livejournal.com/users/cleopatramwi

details shots of dress while still in progress more detail, in progress

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