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Robin's Examples           - Canada

Quick Aragorn and Legolas

Click on pictures for enlargements.

Aragorn - Michael

My son Michael    

 I am a 'tack-together-glue-gun' costumer.

bullet  No patterns were used.  
bulletPants,  a half metre brown jersey material with old cord for waist (cost $0.75)
bulletTunic, a half metre greenish gray 'faux' tweed (cost $0.75)
bulletRobe, old bath robe cut to size (split down back and sewn in, split down front). 
bulletThe gauntlets are recycled from last year's 'Maximus' costume, and pieces of cordage stuck on here and there ($0.25)
bulletTotal Cost: less than $10 Can
bulletTotal Time:  2hr


Legolas - Austin

My son Austin    
bulletNo patterns, just off the top of my head.  This one took about 5hrs.
bulletman's white shirt - I tore off the collar, the top buttons, sewed silver cordage to neck line and used remainder of cordage for lacing at neck
bullet pants and cloak - from 2m of bargain fabric
bullet old wig
bullet boot covers - brown jersey
bulletquiver - cardboard and 'pleather' (recycled from last year's Maximus costume)
bullettunic - this was the most difficult thing.  I 'eyeballed' a pattern off your sketches.  The darker green pieces are left over remnants from an old bath robe (see my Aragorn costume) and I used some metallic fabric paint for appliqué.
bulletTotal Cost - $25 Canadian (incl feathers and dowelling for arrows)
bulletTotal Time - 5hrs


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