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Peggy's Examples           - USA

Aragorn and Boromir

Click on pictures for enlargements.

Duncan, 5 yrs old, is Aragorn and Logan, almost 3, is Boromir. I am an at home Mom that costumes for fun and a little profit. I have run science fiction masquerades for probably 13 years both in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest but I am now retired and hope to focus on my own costuming.

Aragorn - Duncan

Aragorn is based off of Buttrick 3558. I used black suede cloth for his coat and cut the pattern up the back for the kick pleat. I used the same pattern for the jerkin under it. I made that out of a grey based tapestry. I used some license with the color as my son was not happy about being a "black knight". I left the sides and the front open and put eyelets down them all and laced the sides and tied the front like Aragorn's.

The shirt I got at a Goodwill and cut the cuffs off to get the look of Aragorn's grey shirt and then I dyed it to match. The pants are just well worn sweat pants. The belt I cut off a hunk of hide I had. I wish it was a little stiffer but long leather is hard to come by now that everyone is online only with leather virtually.

His boot toppers came from a superhero pattern but I can't find it to give you the number. I just tightened them up to make them look better and added some lacing down the back for effect.

Boromir - Logan

Boromir is based off the same Butterick 3558 pattern. I used burgundy suede cloth for the under layer and black suede cloth for the top surcoat. For the burgundy layer, I shortened the sleeves and added gold trim on the sleeves and hemline. The sleeves actually have studs also but it is hard to see in the pictures. I found the buttons at JoAnn Fabrics. The clasps on the black surcoat are from there also. I made cap sleeves and put a tab collar on for the surcoat. I ran a narrow trim around all the edges and a fancy trim around the tab collar. It is hard sometimes to find the right sizes to downsize to a young child's size with trim. I didn't get to fancy due to his age.

His pants are black knit Garanimal pants. His belt is the same as Duncan's as are his boot toppers. His bracers are real burgundy suede sewn to the same black vinyl that his boots are made out of with leather straps to attach them on the back. I figured that I would have enough problems getting the bracers on Logan that I left off the chainmail and gloves. I do have both for a future attempt at playing dress up.

The swords are from Ikea and don't come with scabbards, so I made loops on their belts for them. They both have cloaks but they didn't keep them on long. It was better pictures without them.

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