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ROTK Opening Parties - Newport Beach, CA

Picture hyperlinks will open larger shots of the costumes.

submitted by Garfeimao


 Here is my Webshots gallery, and there are two folders for Line Party pics. One for the Tuesday night, and one for the Saturday afternoon, with a little cross over. No report on it in Webshots, since it's just pics, but I can relay what happened easily enough here.

We had a blood drive and collected 34 pints, which will help save 102 people. We also collected 2 boxes of toys for Toys for Tots, which was great. I had a group of about 100 people buy movie and a meal tickets
for $15 and they got tickets for the midnight screening and a full meal at the Hard Rock Cafe across the street, and early entry into the theater.   We had a Decipher product champion showing people the Decipher
card game and hand out special Frodo cards that were actually coupons for Decipher cards. I had a volunteer run a LOTR Jeopardy game, and gave out prizes to the three finalists, as well as a really cool Sideshow
rare WitchKing helm to the grand prize winner. We also had raffles for those donating blood or toys, with a grand prize of the Houghton Mifflin canvas book tote that you can't buy. And finally, we had a costume
contest with some 50 costumers competing. Gave out loads of prizes in several different categories. And I use judges so that the costumes are judged, and the winner isn't just the prettiest girl or the person with the most friends in the audience.

On Saturday, we had Dagorhir do some fighting demonstrations with their foam covered weapons. I then had a trivia contest, and everyone who participated eventually one a prize. I used the Trivial Pursuit
questions, and discovered that people who attend LOTR on a Saturday afternoon in sububia are not well versed in LOTR. That was fine, the little girl who won the Badali Jewellry One Ring was just glowing as she saw her prize, so that made it worth it right there. I also gave out little miniatures from Sabertooth games to people, the Frodo card from Decipher and Sideshows coupon card and contest announcements. And since I was in my Dernhelm costume, people just loved snapping pics of me, as I was the only one in costume, aside from the Dagorhir people.

So, that's how things went at my line party events. 

Expect me when you see me,
(the orange stripey one)
"I would have followed you, My Brother, My Captain, My King"
                                 Boromir of Gondor

Orc 2005 | LosCon 2004 | RingCon Germany '04 | RingCon Seattle '04 | Boston Exhibit Open | Comic Con 2004 | Hall Of Fire Masquerade | ROTK Opening! | ComicCon2003 | Saturn Awards 2003 | Oscars 2003 | LA Costume Gather 2003 | TTT Opening!

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