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Morgaine and Jason - California, USA

ARRRgorn ElessARRR and ARRRwen SparrowstARRR

Morgaine and her husband Jason at an SCA Pirate Touney as ARRRagorn ElessARRR (Seven Skulls and Seven Bones and One White Tree) and ARRRwen SparrowstARRR (the natural daughter of Captain Jack Sparrow and Arwen Evenstar).

They seem to have walked the Paths of the Grateful Dead a little too long (note the Mallorn Leaf eyepatch).


All in good fun.. after watching too many movies!

Ready to walk the Paths of the Dead or hunt cursed treasure. Note: the Mallorn Leaf eye patch.  The BR dress is now accessorized with a pirate cutlas
Surcoat Oops, there are skulls now instead of stars!

Nasties | Nasties 2 | Nasties 3 | Nasties 4

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