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Melissa and Jim - Massachusetts, USA


My husband Jim & I have created creatures based on the Tolkien saga.  we make props, museum displays, and anything people ask us to. (I am the one who makes things because - well I can make it - My husband is the realist that does the budget etc...)

I said one day .. I'm making Shelob.  and I did and now I said - I'm making a fell beast and I am and I am Very excited about the fell beast.  I will "ride" it as the Nazgul. I think it will be bigger than Shelob, the head is 2X3 and I am carving it out of a piece Dock Foam. (that was originally slated to be a tombstone) the wings will open and we ought to have it breathing smoke (my friend wanted us to do fire but Im not sure that insurances will allow that)

 Please bear in Mind that in making Shelob I had to approach it in a way that would keep it as lightweight as possible even if it rained, as she is a puppet. and is worn as a backpack. so I had to change her a bit from the story, but I based her off of an actual black widow from the mediterranian that has the markings on the Top instead of the underbelly, she is (on the floor not worn-no legs) 4' high 6 feet from head to tail and 4' wide . with legs..appx. 15' across.
she is made of PVC,  Foam and lots of black duct tape w/ Red duct tape accents.  We used that so she could be water resistant and paintball proof because she was created for a LOTR paintball game. the interior is lined with stop netting as well
the head was made of an old bike helmet with 8 slits that I used a heat gun to melt some cheap dollar store tumblers into so that when the portable waterproof strobe light was inserted in the head the eyes glow green.
the legs are pipe wrap.  They had to be flexible to if it hits a tree it doesn't hang you up and when you walk they wiggle like she walking.
If you want to see more of her, check out  her webpage .

Nasties | Nasties 2 | Nasties 3 | Nasties 4

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