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Ason - Texas, USA


This is my take on the Witchking costume as Frodo sees him when he wears the ring at weathertop. It is based mostly on the Witchking statue made by Sideshow Toy. It is made from material bought in the wedding section at our local fabric store. I chose this costume because there are a lot of wraith costumes but I have not seen this before. It consists of a shirt with very full sleeves and a standup collar, a long tunic open on the sides and front and pleated front and back with very full ruffles on the shoulders, and a collar that attaches with small snaps. The collar is unattached because the entire costume is reversible from its silver side to the black side.

The crown is made from formed pieces of leather and wood to make the blades.


Nasties | Nasties 2 | Nasties 3 | Nasties 4

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