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Janice and George, Canada


We bought a couple of ladies black leather jackets from a second hand store ($10/each) and cut them up.  George kept the shoulders and back as they were but cut off the sleeves and from the chest down off in the front. George (not me) sewed rectangle shaped pieces overlapping each other on the front to look like armour.  He tied the armour in the front and back (on each side) using leather ties he made form the scraps.  Then he cut strips for the "skirt" and sewed them so they had a loop on the tops and he strung them on a belt.  He sewed them together in the back so he wouldn't be showing his rear but left the front ones unattached and they moved well.  He saved the lower parts of the sleeves of the jacket for wrist guards and wore a pair of black leather gloves. 

We used black Halloween hairspray to darken his skin and he wore a pair of black leggings and black boots.  He did make leather fronts for the boots but they didn't fit. 

For the mask and hair, we took a generic (cheap) long haired Halloween wig and pulled the sides into a ponytail on top and tied it with a hair elastic.  Then I used a glue gun and attached a leather piece around the pony so I looked like a leather tie and made it stand up a bit.  I then rolled the rest of his hair into loose "dreadlocks" using pommade so that it wouldn't matte. 

Last year we bought foam latex masks from www.screamteam.com and George is wearing the "Dark Prince" mask.  They were a bit expensive but well worth it.  We both ordered one and wore it two years in a row. George won 2nd place at the bar for his costume.  People loved it!  He was really scary. 



Nasties | Nasties 2 | Nasties 3 | Nasties 4

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