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Jen  RD -   Washington,  USA

Click on pictures for enlargements.

Jen has been busy sewing

Eowyn's Fur Trimmed Coat

Eowyn's coat was made from the wool melton from and trimmed in fake fur. I used Simplicity 9891 and left off the yoke pieces, modified the sleeves and cut the bottom hem so it would rise in front. I really wish I had seen the high rez picture of her coat in time, but such is life. Same thing happened with the "white dress" I made back in August -- turns out my version isn't very close at all,  but it still looks pretty on my model!

The brooch is just a bit of old jewelry I had on hand.




Arwen's Blood Red Dress

The blood red dress was started and made 2 weekends ago, when we decided to splurge and go to the charity premier of TTT on the 16th. I used Butterick 3552 for the underdress, made of $2.49/yd Christmas cotton fabric on sale from JoAnn's, and gold trim from JoAnn's (I wish I'd had more time to get nicer trim, but I can always reapply it later).

The overdress is just a plain jumper type pattern made in velvet that I got on Ebay. I just trimmed the neckline with bias binding made from the red underdress fabric.


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Arwen's Chase Dress
Sam Rosie
Eowyn The Witch King
Orthanc The Two Towers

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