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Ron, Lynda & Family


bulletRingwraith and Elf Warrior


My wife made Strider's cloak from a wool blanket that we had laying around that no one in the family liked. We modified your cloak pattern to fit the fabric we had available, and cut a squarer hood using a pattern (Simplicity 0606) that we used for my daughter's Ringwraith costume. I bought the brooch on eBay; you can't seem to find them in the stores.

My wife also made the shirt from Simplicity 8913 and she modified the sleeves by narrowing them and sewing on gathered sections around the arms to give it that smocking look.

The vambracers and the belt were crafted from a veg-tan cowhide belly and some buckles bought from Tandy leather. Hopefully over time I can carve the vambraces and the belt. The sewing awl and a lot of hand punching of holes were involved in this task. Then the pieces were dyed to their final colors. The sword is the cheap eBay knock off version, but hey... it looks the part. And it's impressive at a party!

For the boots and the vest, I bought a bunch of deerskin on eBay

(cheap!) and dyed it. For the vest my mother-in-law and I modified Simplicity pattern 0666-C, basically adding about 3 inches in the back to make it bigger, cut it out of the leather, dyed it and sewed it together. I cut the laces from the extra leather.

In making the boots, I got a book called simple shoemaking from the library. This at least gave me an idea of how a shoe is made. and after seeing a website where a guy was building costume boots around tennis shoes I took that idea and ran with it. I cut pieces out of the thicker deerskin to form the lowers and the just winged the upper part of the boot. I hand sewed the lower portion together, and used some cowhide for the inner sole forming this little bootie. Then I grabbed a pair of old leather dress shoes that I had and separated the soles from the upper. I stuffed the upper portion into my bootie, and glued the leather sole to the bottom. Then I took this to my local shoemaker, and he (after laughing a bit) sewed the soles to the upper, binding the whole thing together. I then hand-sewed the upper portion of the boot on and dyed the whole thing black. All in all, they looked pretty good, and fit great!

I did not have time to make pants, but hopefully next year. I still have deerskin left! But a plain ol' pair of black levis did the trick.

Arwen's Chase Outfit

My mother-in-law did a great job modifying Simplicity pattern 9891 for this chase outfit.

My wife bought some faux suede fabric for the outside dress. They cut the main body from the pattern, and modified the sleeves and the neck. They sewed up the front and created a scalloped hemline, and put a zipper in the back. They used the instructions from your website and created the sleeves.

You website also helped with the collar and sleeve caps. They were made from a faux fur dress bought from a thrift store. My wife says it was not the easiest thing to sew, and my mother in law says it was a challenge to get it all together. She spent some time getting the sleeves and the collar to look right and sew together correctly.

They were going to make a whole under-dress from a lighter, faux silk fabric but time was not on their side. So they made a skirt for the bottom part, and made sleeves that ended in an elastic band at the elbow. Turned out fine!

Finally, a leather tie cut from some leftovers and an old gold brooch topped it off.

For ears, we just took some store bought latex ears and cut them down to tips. A little spirit gum and some make-up and there you have it.

Ringwraith and Elf Warrior

What's Halloween without your kids? Our oldest Daughter went as a ringwraith. My wife sewed up her cloak from Simplicity pattern 0606. A dark black face mask and some black costume gloves and boots finished her up.

My other daughter purchased a purple cloak from a Halloween store. She fabric painted her armor on a shirt we bought from the thrift store. I sewed up a quiver for her out of leather scraps and a suction cup arrow set from the sporting goods department of Fred Meyer topped it off. A couple of belts and some plastic swords and there you have it.

The whole crew. This was at a party Halloween night.

The next night, we had an Adult party to attend. My wife put on the ears for that one. and I had a little extra time to sew together a glove from some vest scraps.


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