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Naomi's Examples  

                                Western Australia

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Ring Wraith in 6 Hours

The Ring wraith costume was created out of the three cheapest black fabrics I could find - black lawn, black cheesecloth (the crinkly kind), and black voile. All 100% cotton. I used a total of 24 metres, but since the widest fabric was 112cm, (46") and the narrowest 90cm (36") it isn't as much as it sounds... I modified the basic cape pattern from Simplicity 9887, View B, to fit the fabric, and removed the yoke seams. The under robe was cut out of the opaque lawn. The sleeves were doubled, with a lawn under sleeve, and then a larger and longer over sleeve of cheesecloth. Both were sewn to the shoulder at the same time, but then I stitched the hems together with a wavy line of zig-zag, frayed the edges slightly, and then tucked and folded the extra length in several places and tacked it in place. The front was fastened with a sewn in tie of black cord.

The over robe was of voile, and I only stitched about 8" of each side seam below the armpits, and to about the same height in the CB seam. To this robe, which was sleeveless, I added a hood cut from the same black cotton as the robe. The hood was then lined with a large piece of buckram, cut slightly smaller, and stitched down the CB. The front bottom corners were cut away to give a tapered look, and this was lined with a piece of the voile, treated exactly the same way, and both layers of fabric sewn on around the rim of the hood. Once inserted into the over hood, I tucked the excess fabric under the front of the buckram and voile and tacked it in place. I then stitched the over robe to the under robe along the entire back neck seam between shoulder seams. It was necessary to fold the base of the hood backwards a little, about 1 1/2", at the CB neck, to get the shape right. It was tacked there to hold it.

Finally, I cut a scarf from the remaining cheesecloth, of a long triangular shape, as the fabric was not wide enough for a square. This was draped over the hood and tacked in place on the front centre of the hood and at the back of the neck. I frayed the bottom edges of the robe a bit by cutting them and then rubbed powdered clay into the hems. Voila! Didn't use armour, but cheated with monster gloves, covered his face with a mesh hood, and that was that.



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