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Heather's Examples     - USA

Ring Wraith

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Making gauntlets from Friendly Plastic

I bought a pair of black cotton gardening gloves and a dozen strips of a product called "Friendly Plastic," which you can shape by softening it in warm water. When scored lightly, it makes nice, crisp folds and shapes around the fingers well. Once the finger armor was completed, I painted them with metallic paint, then hot-glued them to the black gloves. It worked extremely well and I was very pleased with the final product. You can find Friendly Plastic at most craft stores, usually in the clay section.


To make the hood extend past the face, we added a black baseball cap under the hood and it worked perfectly to extend it out a bit further.

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See her web site <here>.


Nasties | Nasties 2 | Nasties 3 | Nasties 4

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