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Living Room & Entry Way

Wide living room with faux repaint and tiled entry way.

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Entry way of living room

View from the far side of the room.  Note warm wood door frames. Door in background is from the hall Opposite side of the living room.  room is 18' x 12'

Detail of tile pattern of the entry way.  Note plush multi-toned carpet.  Color is "cookie's and cream".  The dark brown variation makes it look lighter than it is... compare color to "coffee" painted door.  Carpet is cut Berber. 25-year-tranferable guarantee.  Deluxe padding.
bulletBrick Fireplace
bulletJust inspected and updated to latest regulations
bulletJust cleaned
bulletGas hookup available


Another example of the paint, see the warm wood molding that frames the doorways. Wide door opens into the dining room creating a large "L" of a "great room".
Faux paint is "sponge on" with design stenciled on. another example of the design from farther back.


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