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Fully secure back yard!

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Wide covered deck, with Barbeque Back yard view.  Storage shed (left) included.

Barbecue has built in gas. Note high fencing for privacy.  Back yard is fully fenced and secure.  Great for dogs or kids.
Basket ball, anyone?

Automatic roll up garage door.

This is the side of the house, you can see the gates that secure across the driveway.

Also, both these pictures show where security lights with sensors are attached to the sides of the buildings.

Rose garden... OK, so it's not spring yet and they were just pruned.  But those "sticks" are roses. Vegetable garden!  Tomatoes are already producing.  (California is weird.)  Look for broccoli, snap peas, chili peppers and strawberries later in the year.

Herb garden has been started, but it's early for some plants.  So far, plants include parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme for a great relaxing tea. Want something more fun? Pinch off a few of the "chocolate" mint leaves to flavor tea or add chives to a fresh baked potato. Here's Barney, one of the 3 squirrels that come with the house.

We've even worked out a deal, I feed them sunflower seeds and they leave the bird feeder and the garden alone.

Here's a picture of Barney the Squirrel and a few of the many birds that I've coaxed into the yard.  (The previous owners had boys that "loved" super-soaker squirt guns.) Birdie feeding time.

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