The Masquerade Handbook

The Art of Running the Mid-sized Masquerade

Janet Wilson Anderson, ed.
Cat Devereaux 
with Gary Anderson, Rusty Dawe
Richard Foss & Craig Jones


  1. Timetable, Check List, Organization, the Masquerade Director

  2. Stage Layout, Rules, Contestant Information

  3. Registration and running Order

  4. The Master of Ceremonies

  5. Operations, Front of House

  6. Tech, Lights, Sound, Video

  7. Backstage

  8. Judges and Judging

  9. The Base Bones show and Good Ideas that Don't Work

  10. Forms

  11. Supplies List

You get a fat (almost 200 page) book that's been 3 hole punched ready to be tabbed and popped into a 3 ring binder.  Besides the step-by-step instructions and checklists, this includes sample rules, forms and lots of tips.

Price is $24 if you pick it up from me at a con for cash.  Paypal and shipping/handling for $29 .

Send to .  Because of rising cost in printing, please check with me before ordering.  This price good as of the end of 2004.


  While "The Masquerade Handbook"  is technically out of print, I will run of copies of my personal book... and will send it to you at cost.  Note, there will be a few hand written notes in it, since it is my master workbook.  However, it is still quite useful for anything from running a local masquerade to a Costume Con masquerade.

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