Margareta  - Germany

Arwen's Butterfly Crown in tin and resin

I more or less followed the construction tips on your site. After cutting the metal pieces I rubbed them with a wooden spoon to give them a bit of a 3-dimensional look and shape them, after that I embossed the outlines of the wing details with an embossing tool. Next step was to glue on the wire parts with fast drying (5 min!) epoxy glue. For more firmness I covered the whole backside with a layer of epoxy resin, which is always a bit tricky: immediately after mixing the components the resin is far too runny to use. You have to wait about 30 minutes to have the right consistence and then have to work quick before the stuff gets too stiff to use it. The resin needs about 24 hours to dry

After that I did the painting with opaque glass paint, accentuated with silver window colour outline paint. The wire parts were painted with Color Magic glass and metal paint, glitter silver, to keep them from oxidation and give them a more noble look. To protect everything and get a smooth and shiny surface I then attached a thin layer of epoxy resin. When the resin was still sticky but dry enough not to run anymore I scattered silver glimmer onto the surface, carefully leaving out the painted details. After another 24 hours of drying I fixed the pieces. The back piece is attached to the side pieces with jump rings.


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