Vambraces and Gauntlets

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Faking Gauntlets

one of the cheapest and easiest ways to do this would be to use cardboard to make the 'scales' and then cover them with foil (dull side showing), then cover some gloves with the scales. Or you could paint them, or make them from a metallic cardstock available from scrapbooking places. You'll have the finger size ones and the ones to cover the whole hand. Glue on or poke holes at the part that will be covered by other overlapping scales and stitch on to make it more secure.

Slightly more expensive would be the metal sheets from Emboss Arts available at most craft stores. You can cut the metal with scissors. Use old or cheap ones. Even child scissors will cut the stuff, but they will get dulled pretty fast. The edges will be probably be a little too sharp so I would 'hem' them, folding the edges under with pliers. You might then want to do something to age them, some kind of wash or something.

Use dark stretch gloves to attach the little plates.



He used plastic milk jugs and cut the "armour" plates out of the hard plastic, then spray painted them metallic silver.



When I did my Sauron Lite quick costume I made the gauntlet plates out of tough plastic with cable ties holding them together. I used black ones of course, but you may find that small white ones would work as well for 'bone'.

You just need to make sure you don't make the finger plates too tight to get your hands into the gloves! The major problem is that you need to use thin cardboard otherwise the digits end up being too thick.

== Rob

Heather worked hers out of Friendly Plastic... read how in her scrapbook entry.




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