Tips on Making Knives

I drew pattern for the knives and then cut them out of aluminum. The tang is

the handle which you don't see because it was cast into the resin handle to

give it more stability.

I made the knives out of aluminum, sculpted the handle, made a silicone mold

and cast the handle (with long tang) into resin, then painted the design on.

The sculpt had the design etched into it so there is an impression to paint

into when the handle is pulled from the mold.


I made the quiver (tooled leather peacock) and painted over it. I am an

archer and purchased the arrows from an archery supply store I use. I

actually use those arrows for practice.

The design on the quiver is a peacock. I tooled it into the leather after I

cut out the pattern for the quiver. There are special leather tools that you

use to do this. I then painted it and sealed the color so it would stand out



The gauntlets are tooled as well. I wanted a bow I could actually use. And these I can,

although I would not choose them if I wanted to shoot real WELL with the bows

because (archers term here) they 'stack' very BADLY...which means the farther

back you pull the bow, the harder it gets.

 Longbow I bought from a bowyer online and stained and painted (that bow

actually goes with my High Elven Armor, when it is done) and the Legolas bow

a friend of mine is adding the designs to a bow I stained and fiberglassed.

I stained it, sealed the color,

and painted it myself.



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