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Elven Things - Props and set pieces

Check out the index on Elven Things for more places to look for pictures

On this page, we've got props from Casa Loma, Toronto ROM and the London exhibit.

(or high rez here)
Book and edge of Elrond's crown    
Glass implements Elven arrows Elven boat
  Lambas bread Unwrapped lembas bread
  Single candle globe Elven Candelabra
Gil-Galad banner    
Display case at London Exhibit: Left, Elrond necklace and belt, horn, Galadriel's crown and rings.
or click here for high rez.
Banner detail on the horn Horn detailing, can see gold work twisted in the fluted horn
by Jim    

Pictures, thanks to Ronda, Steve, Lyric and Torn

Elven heraldic symbols

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