Arwen's Chase Outfit

Chase Outfit (v3)

“If you want him, come and claim him

In a chase scene far superior to any recent car chases, Arwen outraces the Ring Wraith’s while carrying the wounded Frodo.  Her dove gray outfit is mostly seen from far away or as extreme close ups.  Descriptions are based on display photos, behind-the-scene shots as well as looking at the 6” toy – so we then check out the pictures again.

Updates from DVD - read these for the latest:

(We're still in the process of studying this outfit.  Feel free to contribute)

Grey suede(?), princesses seamed bodice.  The outer skirt is split into 4 pieces.  Skirt pieces are slightly petal shaped (rounded on the ends) like many other elf skirts.  (Princes seam, fitted from shoulder, not bust line.) Grey ribbon forms three rows of lacing in front but looks like there is an invisible zipper hidden in center front. This lacing decoration only, does not shape the dress.  The bodice point expends about 2 inches below the final lacing at waist level.  The skirt is attached directly to the waist seam of the bodice. The back of the skirt has an overlap to keep it closed.  Stand up collar curls back to frame her neck.  The inside is a textured  tapestry fabric. 

She wears a big silver buckle where the lacing stops at the center of the waist.  It is not seen in the Casa Loma pics, but is seen on the toy clearly.  In the movie you only catch a glimpse.

Outer sleeve is two part.  Top is tight and narrow.  There is a white decoration  etched into the shoulder.  (See 6" toy for detail.) The edge of the piece appears to extend over her elbow on the outside but is cut on the diagonal to end above the bend in her arm on the underside.  (Look at the display pic)  Construction of the bottom half of sleeve is not as easy to define.  Sleeve is either split right from the inner elbow or overlaps.  Appears to be petal shaped.  Under-sleeve insert is made of broomstick pleated shimmery, stiff fabric.  This is a false sleeve is attached at the elbow seam.  She wears dove gray gloves, at least ¾ length.

Underskirt is softer gray fabric, also petal shaped in front may be longer.  2  pieces, silk.

Only catch a quick glimpse of the ridding breaches, light plum, heavy knit, tight fitting.  These are confirmed by the toy.  The toy shows breaches, but pictures show knit leggings.  She wears customer knee high soft brown boots.  These are very detailed lace ups.

Arwen has three fish hook (herring bone, fish tail) braids in the chase scene.


  • Open Questions
    • Are the skirts really petal shaped?  The 6” toy shows this, but it’s skirt waist is all wrong.  However, many elf outfits do use the petal shape  so it would not be inconsistent with elf style.  (more photo exam needed). 
      • Re-watching the  movie shows pleating in back, but still not 100% sure of the shape
      • Skirt is 4 pieces, a side split has been detected
      • DVD movie show sides not shaped, only front and back.  There is a slight overlap on the pieces.  About 2 inches.  Only front is petal shaped
    • Regardless of the shape of the skirt,  how is it seamed?  Those skirt pieces are a bit long to be made out of a single suede side.  Outer petals are suede.  Inner silk is only two pieces there are large darts shaping it to the waist
    • What about the waist tie?  The toy shows a long ornate “buckle” and long streaming cords. 
      • The Casa Loma exhibit shows thin cord just hanging down.  Given how ornate most belts are, it seems to figure that there would be something there and that the exhibit just didn’t have the buckle.  However, since she’s almost always on the horse, there may have been no need for detailing there. 
      • Rewatching the movie folks have spotted a shinny bucket, so the toy  has the correct shape.
The 6 " toy of Arwen.  The skirt is not correct but upper detail is nice. Back of toy does not shot too much except the princess seaming.  Skirt is actually 4 petals, not 2, for each layer.

The 6" version of the toy's belt buckle.  We think it's silver.  Cord probably matches the lacings. The side sleeve pattern from the 6" toy.  White pain is used to "pull" the design here, but what ever it is in the movie, it is much more subtle. 
    • Resolution is good enough to see a bit of stitching detail - note how the fabric is seamed... one of the big reason it seems like suede vs. regular fabric.
    • Only shot that does show some tone on tone decoration on the arm.  Note: the 6" toy does it in white.



Sleeve Discovery


Note:  the method for drafting a continuous roll collar can be a little trickier when you have to copy such a stiff collar, as you need to visualise what it would do if laid flat on the pattern.  Sometimes a little good old fashioned guesswork helps!  Plus, you have to know the rules in order to break them!

Points of interest:

-The bottom of the bodice tapers to a point, front and C.B., about three inches below natural waist.

-The collar is high at the back and does not cross over at the front.  The degree of  curve in the collar is fairly small, it has pretty straight edges, except just where it joins the C.F.

-In addition, I have extended the C.F. only enough for seam allowances, because there is no buttonstand on this garment, it being a C.F. closure.  The garment would definitely be fully lined in the bodice, both for comfort and to minimize topstitching.  It allows fastening to be invisible, also. 

Use a heavy weight interfacing.

Note: for full detailing check out Naomi's tips on Rolled Collar Construction.

Extra pattern notes:


Want to remake her gloves?  Check out this site for glove making help: .


Focus on the skirts

Her belt

If it was not for the 6" doll, we would have never realized that Arwen wears a belt bucket.  In the Casa Loma exhibit, we only see the cords that descend from the front lacing pattern.

The belt buckle flashes silver when she dismounts her hose in the case outfit.  That is the only time we see it.

  Preliminary. Eledaia has based this design off the top and stills from the DVD.


A few shots in the skirt section and we have pics from the 6" toy.

Boots front, leaf wrap with a bit of an edge.  Piping? Boot side, another piece of leather wraps around. Back of boot, laced to fit.
  • Arwen's chase scene boots are high with lacing that goes up the back instead of the front, piping detail, and were made in grey leather which was over-coloured in deep burgundy (presumably to match the breeches).

Focus on Hair

Arwen wears her hair pulled back into two long herringbone braids Back braids.  Questionable on how the braids are held back.
    Make the braid!!!




    Making her gloves.

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