Live Theatrical Events

Live Halloween Theatrical Events

Los Angeles has a wonderfully wide collection of entertainment during October to set up the spirit of Halloween. The fun part here is you don’t have to wait for Halloween night. You can scare yourself throughout October. Going to the theater to see a spooky play or musical is a great event.

From ballet to rock musicals; from classical plays to kids events; from satire to symphony; from horror to sci-fi; from light fluff to deep psychological twist. We have theatrical listings for all tastes and budgets for this Halloween season.

Live Halloween Theater Presentations

Looking for that human haunting touch? Reach for the haunted theater… Everything from high end classy theater to blood and guts, from symphony to  comedy romps.


Danny Elfman’s Music From The Films of Tim Burton

Inormation updated for 2016 Celebrate Halloween with Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton, a unique concert with the Hollywood Studio Symphony and choir conducted by John Mauceri, featuring an 87-piece orchestra and 45-person choir.

They will be performing the soundtrack of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” to Tim Burton’s  animated movie live.  He was the singing voice of Jack Skellington in the 1993 classic stop-motion film.  Danny Elfman will be joined by other original cast members.

Wicked Literature: A Halloween Theatre Festival

Inormation updated for 2016 WICKED LIT is an evening of classic terror tales presented as a live theatre event at a working mausoleum and cemetery.

Join us for an evening of immersive theatre featuring three world premiere plays, all adapted from classic horror literature. Move among the headstones in the cemetery and through the hallways of the mausoleum as a cast of 20 actors brings these haunting tales to life! This year’s show includes a dark adventure inspired by West African folklore, an unsettling turn-of-the-century melodrama and a cerebral, Lovecraftian tale of terror.

  • From Beyond
  • The Shadowy Third
  • Anansi and the Demons

The Wicked Literature Play Reading Series will present staged readings of classic Halloween literature adapted for the stage by contemporary playwrights. Audiences will literally walk the grounds of the Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery campus as the plays take place around them. Attendees will be lead to and from each play by a Story-guide.

Please note: This is an alternative (non-theatre) venue.  It’s a mausoleum and cemetery and involves moving our audience around the various spaces on the property. Limited Engagement: This Show Will Sell Out ~ Rain Or Shine Please wear comfortable walking shoes as this is a  MOVING SHOW with MANY STAIRS TO CLIMB.

  • Info:   or  818-242-7910
    • October 1 – November 12, 2016 
      • most Thursday though Saturday, some Sundays and some Wednesdays
      • Starts promptly at 7:30 p.m., pres-show 7:15
    • Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery
      • 2300 N. Marengo Ave, Altadena
      • Enter the parking lot on Marengo in between Woodbury and Garfield
    • Tickets: $50 up, depending on weekend.  Combo packages w/ after hours backstage event available
      • sells out, book early
      • Special discounts for Unbound members, see website for details
    • Recommended for ages 13+.


  Zombie Joe’s Urban Death: Tour of Terror Haunted Theatre

Inormation updated for 2016 Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group’s all-new fun and frightening, interactive Haunted-Halloween theatrical attraction, steering theater-goers and thrill-seekers through a terrifying “Urban Death” maze of inexplicable horrors, unfathomable monstrosities, and the disturbed spirits that walk among us!  Labyrinth of Terror rises from the catacombs.   Maze and show.  Haunting since 2013.

  • Doors creak open for five shows per evening
  • Tickets: $15, buy on line for specific times
  • Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group at Z.J.U.
    • 4850 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood
    • (Just north of 101-134 Fwys across from KFC)

War of the Worlds – The Steve Allen Theater

???  Originally performed by Orson Welles and his Mercury Radio Theatre the night before Halloween in 1938, the broadcast created such a stir that people actually thought there was a Martian invasion underway in Grover’s Mill, New Jersey!

Our show will feature a dramatic, faithful rendition of the original broadcast as well as a short, opening piece about the tumultuous life of Orson Welles.

Each performance will have a special guest star.  Running time is approximately 90min with no intermission, to best allow for a proper Martian Invasion.

  • Info:   or  facebook
    • Every Saturday, October 2015   
    • The Steve Allen Theater / Trepany House
      • 4773 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles
    • Tickets: $20 / VIP $35

Horror Classics -Live webcasts

by Long Beach Shakespeare Company

Inormation updated for 2016 Enjoy an old time radio show in the spirit of the season.  Performed live, with live sound effects and music.  Presented by the Long Beach Shakespeare Company.

Old time Radio Show — Phantom of the Opera

This originally aired on September 13th, 1943, as part of the Lux Radio series, hosted by Cecil B. DeMille. It was based on the 1943 film (which is somewhat different from the 1925 Lon Chaney film and Gaston Leroux’s novel), but instead of using the film’s star Claude Rains, the radio play featured Basil Rathbone as the Phantom. The movie also paired Nelson Eddy and Susanna Foster as Anatole and Christine, and they returned for the radio version. As a result, there is a lot of music in the production, which will be performed live by our cast, along with all the sound effects! Among the many things for which this version is known is that it introduced what became the standard idea of how the Phantom came to be disfigured.

  • Fri-Sun, October 14-16, 2016 
    • 8pm, Sun 2pm

Old time Radio Show — The Fall of the House of Usher / Sorry, Wrong Number

Edgar Allan Poe’s story of The Fall of the House of Usher radio script was adapted by Les Crutchfield, one of the major writers for the hugely popular Gunsmoke, and it closely follows Poe’s story. It originally aired on October 22nd, 1947. The versatile Paul Frees played the narrator, who is the friend that comes to visit Roderick Usher, and is witness to the mystery and horror of the House of Usher. Frees did thousands of voices for film, radio and television, among them the voice of Boris Badenov in Rocky and Bullwinkle. This script was one in a series of well-adapted literary classics for a program called Escape.

Sorry, Wrong Number was written for the Suspense radio series, and originally aired May 25, 1943. It was a tour de force for Agnes Moorehead, who performed it many times on the radio. Orson Welles said it was “the greatest single radio script ever written.” And it was no fluke as she also wrote The Hitch-hiker for Welles’ radio show, which was another legendary success. LBSC’s production stars our radio queen, Jo McLachlan, as the invalid, bedridden woman at home alone, who, through a telephone misconnection, overhears a plot to murder a woman who is at home alone, and lives near a bridge. She becomes increasingly distraught as she tries to phone for help and can’t get anyone to believe her. Then she realizes someone has been listening in on her downstairs extension…

  • Fri-Sun, October 21-23, 2016 

    • 8pm, Sun 2pm

Old time Radio Show — War of the Worlds!

LBSC’s anniversary presentation of Orson Welles’ classic radio show, with live sound effects and music performed by the cast. The original 1938 broadcast covered the Martians invading the earth and created a nation-wide panic as a result.  On the Friday, October 30th, and Sunday, November 1st, performances of The War of the Worlds, the Planetary Society’s Mat Kaplan (Host of Planetary Radio) will open the shows with his popular “State of the Universe” presentation. Mat will start promptly, Friday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm. The radio play will follow.

  • Fri-Sun, Oct 28 – 31, 2016
    • 8pm, Sun 2pm

The performances will be available via web streaming LIVE or by file.  Check for audio link for shows at:  

  • More shows throughout the year
  • Richard Goad Theatre
    • 4250 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach
  • Tickets: $12.50

HallowlineThe Addams Family, a Musical – The Costa Mesa Playhouse

Inormation updated for 2016 It is a time of crisis for the delightfully ghoulish family created by cartoonist Charles Addams. Gomez and Morticia’s daughter Wednesday is growing up. Now eighteen, she has fallen in love with a “normal” boy, and to make matters worse, has invited him and his parents over for dinner. In one fateful, hilarious night, secrets are disclosed, relationships are tested, and the Addams family must confront the one horrible thing they’ve managed to avoid for generations — change.

  • Info: 
    • October 28 – November 20, 2016

      • Thursday – Saturday evenings at 8:00 pm.   Sunday afternoons at 2:00 pm.
    • The Costa Mesa Playhouse
      • 661 Hamilton Street, Costa Mesa
    • Tickets: $20 adult, see site for more


The Addams Family – Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

A new musical comedy

Inormation updated for 2016 THE ADDAMS FAMILY features an original story, and it’s every father’s nightmare. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family – a man her parents have never met. And if that weren’t upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before – keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s ‘normal’ boyfriend and his parents.

  • Info:
    • October 31 – December 6, 2015

      • (Fri-Sat: 8pm, Sun 2pm)
    • Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center
      • 3050 Los Angeles Avenue, Simi Valley
    • Tickets: $20 Adults $15 Seniors & Military $10 Students & Teachers


Mysterium Theater

Inormation updated for 2016 Villains and Vamps

A Musical Revue of The Dark Side. Come see your favorite ‘Villains & Vixens” as they sing and dance to some of your all time favorites!
  • October 15 – 30, 2016   
    •  Saturday 8pm / Sunday 7pm

Phantasmagorical – A show of magic tricks treats

Staring TV’s Naathan Phan.

  • Monday, October 31, 2016   

    •  7pm
    • 16 and over


  • Info: or 562-697-3311  or  calendar
    • Thursday – Sunday,

      • Most 8pm, some 5pm, and Sun 2pm
    • Mysterium Theater / The La Habra Depot Playhouse
      • 311 S. Euclid Ave, La Habra
    • Tickets: $25 – see web for more options
    • No one under 13.

HallowlineSamhain: A Celtic Halloween Extravaganza 

Inormation updated for 2016Samhain: (pronounced sow-in, like the pig) You’ll hear tales of the true origins of the Jack O’ the Lantern, of ghostly encounters, and the origins of All Hallows’ Eve, told with with high energy Irish dances, traditional Celtic tunes that will bewitch your feet and keep your toes a-tappin’, ghostly love songs that will rip your heart out, and exciting dances with real swords and axe handles for a start.

The entire cast of Samhain is very excited to be presenting this year’s show in a Scottish brewery. Enjoy a pint of freshly brewed ale as you listen to the stories, hear the music, and feel the breath of those long gone on the back of your neck. You’re not too scared, are you? Good! Fear not, Alastair and Jenny of MacLeod Ale Brewing Co have promised to keep the ghoulies at bay so the music, dance and entertainment can commence.

HallowlineFrankenstein – A New Musical in Hollywood

Inormation updated for 2016 A long time ago – north of the Arctic Circle, a sailing vessel comes upon a man adrift on a section of ice, “a wretch… near death.” His name is Victor Frankenstein, and he proceeds to tell the ship’s captain, Robert Walton, the horrifying tale of his twisted life. Victor is the scion of a prominent family of Geneva, Switzerland, where he enjoyed a childhood of wealth and privilege. As a young boy, he exhibits a brilliant mind and a gift for the natural sciences, and his parents, Alphonse and Caroline, dote on him adoringly. Their family soon swells to include Elizabeth–an orphaned waif whom Victor’s parents adopt as their ward–and later William, Victor’s much-younger brother. Victor’s brother in spirit is Henry Clerval, his childhood friend, and he, Victor, and Elizabeth forge deep bonds of friendship from their earliest days.

  • Info:     Event Information
    • Thursday- Sunday, October 7 -30, 2016 
      • Thurs, Fri, Sat, 8pm / Sat and Sun 2pm
    • The Complex Hollywood
      • 6476 Santa Monica Blvd. , Hollywood
    • Tickets: $35 / VIP $42.50


Dracula – NoHo Arts Center

Madness sexuality and power explode onto the stage in this new deranged and horror-filled adaption of Dracula. Renfield fights for her sexual freedom, Lucy struggles against her mother’s expectations and her own growing hysteria, and Mina Murray is left standing alone in the wreckage of the19th century facing the man offering her both liberation and death.

  • Info:  or (323) 960-5068
    • Friday – Sunday, September 25 – November 1, 2015 
      • Friday – Saturday, 8pm / Sunday, 7pm
    • NoHo Arts Center – Stage 2
      • 11136 Magnolia Blv, North Hollywood
    • Tickets $55



Annual Horror Theater Favorites

Little Shop of Horrors – Live

Toe-tapping plants. Romance amid skid-row. Dastardly dentists. Blood drops and band-aids. A white picket fence dream. The end of the world. “Feed me, Seymour!” echoes though the theatre with a lot of laughter for this perennial holiday favorite that was one of the longest running off-Broadway productions ever..

Sadly, have not found any in production this October.


Full list across the country is – here- 

  • The show can also be found in a number of high schools in SoCal

Listing of some of the upcoming shows across America – select Upcoming tab, and your state.

Rocky Horror Show – the Live Stage Musical

If you’re looking for the movie screenings, go – here –

Don’t settle for seeing Dr. Frank N Furter on the big screen. See the story of two clean cut kids, Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, who run into car trouble and seek help in a very strange mansion. Come do the Time Warp with the with the whole sexy crew in this rock musical that spoofs science fiction movies and challenges you to just let go and enjoy.

Very few shows this year, even across the country.  Nothing at all in California.  Maybe we’ll do better next year.

More theater shows here:

  • If you’re running a production and want a listing, just write

Night of the Living Dead – The Stage Show

The Maverick Theater

Inormation updated for 2016 A mysterious form of radiation appears in outer space near Earth, just as gangs of rampaging, bloodthirsty, flesh-eating zombies are spotted around the country. Could the two circumstances possibly be related?

A brave and resourceful truck driver comes to the aid of a beautiful young woman who is being pursued by the murderous undead who have just killed and begun to devour her brother. They find an isolated house on a country road where, together with a few other desperate human souls, they are determined to make a stand against the wave of the carnivorous Living Dead that threatens to engulf them. It’s live humans vs. undead zombies. Who will prevail? The zombie classic that started it all!

Graphic Violence!

  • Info: 714-526-7070  or event detail
    • October 7 – 30, 2016
      • Fridays – Sunday, times vary
    • Maverick Theater
      • 110 E Walnut Ave, Fullerton
    • Tickets: $22 / No discounts
    • Not for under 7


Plan 9 from Outer Space – The Maverick Theater

Inormation updated for 2016 With its incoherent plot, jaw-droppingly odd dialogue, inept acting, threadbare production design, and special effects so shoddy that they border on the surreal, Plan 9 From Outer Space has often been called the worst movie ever made. But it’s an oddly endearing disaster; boasting genuine enthusiasm and undeniable charm, it is the work of people who loved movies and loved making them, even if they displayed little visible talent.effects so shoddy that they border on the surreal, Plan 9 From Outer Space has often been called the worst movie ever made. But it’s an oddly endearing disaster; boasting genuine enthusiasm and undeniable charm, it is the work of people who loved movies and loved making them, even if they displayed little visible talent.

  • Info: 714-526-7070 or Event Detail
    • November 5 – 19, 2016
      • Friday – Sunday, times vary
    • Maverick Theater
      • 110 E Walnut Ave, Fullerton
    • Tickets: $20 / students with ID $10
    • Not for under 7



Find more theater in the Los Angeles area…

Plays – 411 –


Variety acts – Concerts to Burlesque, from Improve to Comedy

Murder Ballads and Dark Song

???  It’s time for the annual MURDER BALLADS & DARK SONGS tribute show, our notorious Halloween event. On this night we turn the Echoplex into a seated theater and honor the greatest songs ever written about killers, death, darkness, murderous betrayal, ghosts, and other savory doom-driven subjects.
Each band will do two or three songs. Don’t be late…

Murder and music have gone together for a long time. The murder ballad originated as a way to carry stories of true crime from one place to another hundreds of years ago. The songs served to spread the news, entertain licentious listeners and provide a moral lesson. Perhaps something like, never go to the river with someone you’ve betrayed or don’t cheat on your lover, they might kill you dead. Over time, the songs spread across Europe and eventually made their way to America. They became a staple of backwoods drinkeries, front porches, and among field workers and social gatherings across the country. Songwriters began penning new tunes about contemporary cold-blooded murders and notorious crimes of passion, elevating wanted criminals to mythic heros.  Songs will cover the gamut from centuries-old ballads to more contemporary tunes.

The Tales from the Crypt Halloween Special  –  Captured Aural Phantasy Theater

Inormation updated for 2016 Join Captured Aural Phantasy Theater for an evening of vintage Halloween treats at the historically creepy Bob Baker Marionette Theater. See multi-media performances of classic horror stories from legendary “Tales from the Crypt” comic books LIVE on-stage along with spooky music, macabre magic acts and other Halloween thrills including special performances by the Bob Baker Marionette Puppets!

Captured Aural Phantasy Theater is what would happen if Garrison Keilor, John Waters and Stan Lee all hooked up after a night of hard partying.We combine the art, drama and comedy of a vintage radio program with the live entertainment of a variety show. Shows are built around performances of vintage pop culture gems, usually comic book stories, along with live sound fx, music and projected art. In between the featured stories are short acts, sultry singing, prizes, special guests and live music.

No joke is too low or innuendo left un-emphasized.  Candy, drinks and ghost stories will be available!

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

Comedy and improv with spooky twists. Different shows on different nights. See their calendar for exact programs.  Highlights listed below.   Note, two locations….

  • Info:      Listing here is for Franklin.

    • See calendar for October dates
    • Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
    • 5919 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood
      • located at the foot of the Hollywood Hills across from the Scientology Celebrity Centre
      • Franklin & Bronson
    • Tickets vary $10 – $5 / Some nights sell out

A selection of shows below in date order… their calendar lists a lot more.

Bill & Ted’s Spooky Halloween Spooftacular

Your favorite terrible pop culture spoof show is back, and it’s spoofier than ever. For years, Universal Studios Hollywood had an annual Halloween stage show starring Bill and Ted, lampooning the biggest pop culture happenings of the previous year. Recently, the show was canceled forever for being dumb and bad. That’s why we decided to keep the tradition alive by presenting what we think Universal Studios’ 2016 Bill and Ted show probably would have been. Because Los Angeles deserves an extremely unfunny, genuinely upsetting comedy show featuring empty pop culture references and two characters from a movie that has not held up well. No one is safe. Not even… Grimsby?

  • Saturday, October 22, 2016 – 10pm 
  • Tickets: $10

Annual Halloween Scream

Come out at the Witching Hour to scream yourself dead with laughter along with all of your favorite performers and talents.Spooky sketches, ghost stories, and very scary special surprises…This is the ultimate Halloween show, for and by fans of horror.You’ll die if you miss it!

  • Thursday October 29, 2015, 9:30
  • Tickets: $5

The Spark Siblings’ Halloween Survival Guide

Sydney and Spencer Sparks are the ultimate Halloween experts! Join them in their high tech, terror-proof tree house for a crash course on how to have the best Halloween ever. From trick or treating tips to monster fighting techniques, this show will teach you everything you need to know to survive the scariest night of the year.

This is a family friendly Halloween show; full of spooky songs, characters and sketches perfect for kids of every age! (And tons of free candy too!)

  • Friday, October 30, 2015
  • Tickets: $5

AN SHO(w)’s Halloween (House) Party!

It’s the AN SHO(w) Halloween Party! Suit up and join AN SHO(w) – three comedians and their roommate – for an evening of stand-up, games, dares, candy, and special guests as they put together a special SHO(w) to celebrate Halloween, the death of Harry Houdini, the birth of former Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder David Dellucci, the completion of Mount Rushmore, or none of the above.

AN SHO(w) is a stand-up comedy house party-turned-wherever party. Features stand-up comics in-between challenging each other to perform in the face of various obstacles, dares and baked goods.

  • Saturday, October 31, 2015 – 10pm
  • Tickets: $10

Comedy and improv with spooky twists. Different shows on different nights. See their calendar for exact programs.  Highlights listed below.   Note, two locations….   Listing here is for Sunset.

  • Info:   Sunset locations

    • See calendar for October dates
    • Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
    • 5419 W Sunset Blvd,  Los Angeles
    • Tickets vary $10 – $5 / Some nights sell out

A selection of shows below in date order… their calendar lists a lot more.

The Phantasmagoria Time Warp

Come on a super duper fantastic journey through comedy space and time! See brand spankin new never before seen videos and live sketches from the past, present, and future. A caveman doing stand up? No way. A lost prank show from 1897? I’ll believe it when I see it. Shmerb, King of Mars wrote a sketch about cats in 5032? Now that I can completely understand. Also featuring fun clips ‘n’ rare cuts from comedy history’s finest!

  • October 23, 2015 – 10:30
  • Tickets:  $5

Monsters of Rap

All of your favorite movie monsters haunt the stage with nothing but a mic, a beat and a spooky ass story to tell. Come for the rhymes, stay because you’re dead and you’re a ghost and you have been the whole time.  Bruce Willis will not be rapping.

  • Saturday, October 24, 2015 –  9pm
  • Tickets: $10

2 Hot Dogs Haunted Hell Hole

All of your favorite movie monsters haunt the stage with nothing but a mic, a beat and a spooky ass story to tell. Come for the rhymes, stay because you’re dead and you’re a ghost and you have been the whole time.  Bruce Willis will not be rapping.

  • Saturday, October 24, 2015 –  10:30 pm
  • Tickets: $5

Monsters Doing Stand Up

Monsters Doing Stand Up is exactly what it sounds like. Count Dracula’s cousin Kurt Dracula some sort of Frankenstein  showcase their funniest Monster friends and their victims, in this hilarious stand up Spook-tacular! Come for the laughs, stay for the miniature candy and wacky costumes!

  • Monday, October 26, 2015 – 10:30
  • Tickets: $5

The Exorcism of UCB Sunset

UCB moved into the Sunset location a year ago and since then weird, inexplicable things have been happening. Is Sunset haunted? Come hear true stories from members of the community, watch the found footage of a group that dared to stay over night and be joined by a real life ghost whisperer who will cleanse the place before your very eyes!

  • Friday, October 30, 2015 – 10:30
  • Tickets: $5

Geraldo’s Dia De Los Muertos: Deathmatch of the Dead

Welcome to the Kingdom de Geraldo, a Kingdom whose mad King Jesse has long since forgotten the true meaning of Dia De Los Muertos… so he’s putting on a tournament to the death to celebrate.
Celebrities, characters, and pop culture icons will face-off against each other, having to explain to the mad King and his servants why they should live. The Geraldo minions will ask questions and challenge both contestants in the ultimate bit-off. The loser is killed, the winner moves on. Rinse and repeat until only the winners are left standing.
The best bit wins. And hopefully after the bloodshed we’ll finally learn what Dia De Los Muertos is really about.
  • Saturday, October 31, 2015 – 7:30
  • Tickets $5

Westside Comedy Theater

Inormation updated for 2016 Multiple comedy events

Unnecessary Evil

“Unnecessary Evil is an award-winning live stand-up comedy showcase. Co-producers Neel Nanda, Tushar Singh, and Rivers Langley consistently produce a quality show with both nationally touring headliners and the country’s best emerging talent. ”  Every show features a different Special Guest

  • Every Friday at 8pm
  • Tickets: $12

Halloween Spooktacular

Live Band Scare-a-oke! Costume Contest with Prizes!  Haunted Green Room!  Death, Fear, Booze, and more!

  • Monday, October 31st, 2016, 8pm
  • Free


  • Info:  or  event detail
    • MI’s Westside Comedy Theatre,
      • 1323-A 3rd Street Promenade
      • located in the alley behind the third street promenade through food court, between 4th and 5th
    • 21+, must have ID to enter
    • Free!

See their calendar for more shows.

 The Lalas HALLOWEEN Burlesque Show – North Hollywood

Inormation updated for 2016The Lalas burlesque show is performing their infamous Halloween themed burlesque show at The Federal Bars in Los Angeles – for two shows only!  Come in costume is ENCOURAGED, as The Lalas are completely flipping their show around to make it as spooky, hilarious, and sexy as ever!

  • Info:  or Event Detail
    • Thurs, October 27, 2016 – 8pm
    • The Federal Bar – NOHO
      • 5303 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood
    • Table seats: $32.50 / Standing room: $15  / Sells out quickly
    • 21+
    • Coming in costume is HIGHLY encouraged!

 The Lalas HALLOWEEN Burlesque Show – Long Beach

Inormation updated for 2016The Lalas burlesque show is performing their infamous Halloween themed burlesque show at The Federal Bars in Los Angeles – for two shows only!  Come in costume is ENCOURAGED, as The Lalas are completely flipping their show around to make it as spooky, hilarious, and sexy as ever!

  • Info:  or Event Detail
    • Friday, October 28, 2016 – 8pm
    • The Federal Bar Long Beach
      • 102 Pine Ave., Long Beach
    • Table seats: $32.50 / Standing room: $15  / Sells out quickly
    • 21+
    • Coming in costume is HIGHLY encouraged!

Costumes???? At the theater??? A lot of these performances are encouraging it, sometimes there are discounts. Check their websites carefully, or ask.

Just watch out for those with the naturally sharp teeth.

 Da Graveyard….

Stuff that we can’t get current info on, or has been canceled…

EEK!  At the Greek!   –  Symphony in the Gleen

Symphony In The Glen and Nederlander Concerts will host the 4th Annual EEK! At The a symphonic extravaganza presented by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  This family-friendly event featuring the 60-piece Symphony In The Glen Orchestra with Maestro Arthur B. Rubinstein will present a creepy collection of frightening favorites.  Additionally, the program will showcase the return of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-tale Heart” with special guest narrator Bruce Boxleitner,

Musical Program includes “Infernal Dance” from the Firebird by Igor Stravinksy, Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens, Funeral March of the Marionette with children conductors, “Gnomes” from Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky, and the Devil Dance by John Williams.  As a special feature, the concert will present a World Premier live performance of the cartoon Skeleton Dance from Disney’s 1929 “Silly Symphonies”.

Adding to the festivities, The Greek Theatre’s front plaza will be transformed into a “Trick-or-Treat Village,” welcoming families to bring their children for safe trick-or-treating and Halloween activities from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM, including arts & crafts, face painting, a costume contest and more!  The costume contest will begin at 4:30 pm in the front plaza with the finale taking place during intermission on The Greek Theatre’s main stage.   

  • Info:     or Event Detail
    • October 24, 2015  
    • The Greek Theatre
      • 2700 North Vermont Canyon in Griffith Park, Los Angeles
    • Tickets: $100.00 (pit table) / $55.00 (adult) $15.00 (child) / $25.00 (adult) $8.00 (child)

Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse – Hudson Mainstage Theatre

Retired as of 2016
Attention freaks & ghouls of Hollyweird! This is your Golden Ticket into the secret, mysterious, spooky world of the eccentric Ghoulmaster: A reclusive controversial Horror icon. Sit back and strap in for a nostalgic hilarious Halloween adventure. A visual mindf*ck combining multimedia and performance art. An “in-your-face” assault to the senses.NOTE: Costumes are heavily encouraged at all times in the Haunted Playhouse. Please dress to depress- and wear your Sunday worst. Best dressed audience member will go home with an EXCLUSIVE Haunted Playhouse t-shirt.

Info: or (323) 960-7724

Friday, September 25 – Saturday, October 31, 2015  

Fri-Sat, 8pm / Sunday 7pm

Hudson Mainstage Theatre

6539 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood

Tickets: $25 in advance / $30 at the door

HallowlineCarrie: The Musical – Cal State Fullerton

Carrie White is a high school outcast who is bullied by the popular crowd and virtually invisible to everyone else. At home, she’s at the mercy of her loving but cruelly over-protective mother. Surprisingly, Carrie has just discovered that she has a special power and she’s not afraid to use it! One of the great, gripping legends of the Broadway musical stage.(Based on the novel by Stephen King)

HallowlineSomething Truly Monstrous

Something Truly Monstrous is based on the Hollywood rumor that on the night John Barrymore died, Peter Lorre and Humphrey Bogart stole his body and went joy riding. May 30, 1942. On the day Hollywood finally killed John Barrymore, Jack Warner offers a studio contract to Peter Lorre, who is currently shooting Casablanca. Saddled with expensive tastes and a nasty drug habit, Lorre is tempted to sign. But while the contract means financial security, it also will force Lorre to forever play monsters in the B-unit. To ensure that he will not give into this temptation, Lorre shoots himself full of morphine, steals John Barrymore’s body from the mortuary, recruits Humphrey Bogart with plans to leave Barrymore’s body in Jack Warner’s living room. But every defiant step only leads Lorre closer to signing the contract that will turn him into the monster he fears he’s already become.

  • Info:     or   Event Detail
    •  October 3 – November 8, 2015
      • Fri-Sat, 8pm / Sun 2pm
    • 2nd Stage Theatre
      • 6500 Santa Monica Blvd,  Hollywood
    • Tickets: $30


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Chance Theater  

This theatrical adaptation of the timeless tale of Ichabod Crane and the fair damsel Katrina Van Tassel awakens the imagination—and the dreaded specter of the Headless Horseman. Delightfully adventurous, an ideal Halloween story for literature and theater lovers of all ages.Adapted from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving.  Running Time: 1 hour with no intermission.For all ages:    There will be a special “relaxed performance” on Thu, Oct 15 at 7pm.  Everyone who watches the show must purchase a ticket (no babes in arms). Kids under the age of 4 will not be admitted, except for the “relaxed performance” on Oct 15.

  • Info:
    • October 8 – 18, 2015  

      • Thurs, Sat, Sun – Times vary
    • Chance Theater
      • 5522 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim
    • Tickets:  $25 / $20
    • All ages  ( see main description for details)


39 Steps – The Canyon Theatre Group

A fast-paced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theatre! This 2-time Tony® and Drama Desk Award-winning treat is packed with nonstop laughs, over 150 zany characters (played by a ridiculously talented cast of 4), a plane crash, handcuffs, missing fingers and some good old-fashioned romance!

  • See website for each show’s exact performance dates and times
  • Friday- Sunday, matinees on somr  Saturday and Sunday
  • Canyon Theatre
    • 24242 Main Street, Newhall
  • Tickets: $15, $12 discount for seniors, students & servicemen, Student rush
  • Not recommended for young children.

HallowlineRe-Animator™ The Musical

Re-Animator™ the Musical tells the story of Herbert West, a brilliant young medical student who has created a glowing green serum that can bring the dead back to life. What should be a medical breakthrough results in hideous monstrosities and ghastly consequences. “I guess he just wasn’t fresh enough,” is West’s constant refrain in his quest for fresh subjects. Graham Skipper, who won a Best New Performer Award at the New York Musical Theater Festival for his crowd-pleasing turn, returns as the demented young genius. And operatic Jesse Merlin is back as Dr. Carl Hill, who loses his head for Meg, the dean’s beautiful daughter, only to actually lose it at the hands of Herbert West. But thanks to the glowing re-agent, Dr. Hill is still able to take his curtain call with his head tucked underneath his arm.  What better way to enjoy the Halloween season than by being soaked with blood as you sing along with the most depraved musical in town?

  • Fridays through Sundays at 8:00pm.
  • The Steve Allen Theater / Trepany House
    • 4773 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles
  • Tickets: $15


Rag and Bone 



 Two brothers, Jeff and George, run The Ladder Store, which is actually a front for their business in black-market hearts. In the world of RAG AND BONE, hearts are bought and sold for people who can’t feel enough. The play follows a poet with no heart; a hooker with a heart of gold; T-Bone, her pimp who feels too damn much; and a Millionaire. This is a heartfelt (excuse the pun) comedy about the limits of feeling, and the consequences of either feeling nothing or too damn much.

  • Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm, Sundays at 7:00pm
  • Tickets: $15-$18
  • Hunger Artists Theatre Company – Fullerton
    • 699-A South State College Blvd, Fullerton
    • (In the Trico College Business Park)
  • See late night listing in next section – Night of the Living Dolls.

Mark Z. Danielewski – The Fifty Year Sword

???  Timed with the Pantheon Books release of The Fifty Year Sword this October, celebrated author Mark Z. Danielewski (House of Leaves) once again casts his wicked spell on Halloween: an eerie theatrical presentation of his ghost story for grown-ups. Christopher O’Riley, concert pianist and host of NPR’s From The Top, composes and performs music for an evening of harrowing visuals, special guests and maybe even a gravedigger. The tale unfolds in East Texas, where a local seamstress named Chintana finds herself responsible for five orphans who are not only captivated by a storyteller’s tale of vengeance, but by the long black box he sets before them. As midnight approaches, the box is opened, a fateful dare is made, and the children as well as Chintana come face to face with the consequences of a malice retold and now foretold.

  • Info: or event detail  or 213-237-2800
    • October 31, 2012 at 7 :30 and 9:30
    • REDCAT theater
      • 631 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles
      • heart of downtown Los Angeles on the northeast corner of the intersection of W. 2nd and Hope Streets. Housed in the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex, REDCAT has its own street entrance on 2nd Street.
    • Tickets: $20 general, student and member discounts

“Halloween Jamboree” – The High Street Broadcast

The High Street Broadcast is back on stage with a brand new radio variety program that’s sure to be a hallo-scream! “Halloween Jamboree” features frightfully fun music, comedy and tales filled with ghoul tide cheer! Join our live audience. Fun for the whole family.

This show is recorded live for airplay on KCLU radio, Halloween night!

  • Info: or Event Detail or (805)583-7900
    • Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 7:30pm
    • Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center
      • 3050 Los Angele St, Simi Valley
    • Tickets are $15 for Adults, $12 for Students, Seniors and Children.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – Astra Dance Company

This is an innovative Dance – Theatre production by Astra Dance Company, combining the art of silent films with dance, acrobatics, vivid projections and stage craft to retell the surrealistic masterpiece by Robert Wiene. Caligari is a dance through wicked carnivals and intrigues. It is a feast for the senses and your experience with the strange characters begins when you enter the doors of the El Portal Theatre.

The film Caligari, made in 1920 Germany, tells the story of the carnival hypnotist, Dr. Caligari and his future-telling somnambulist, Cesare and the frightful events that in a twisted world of shadows and dreams.

A “who done-it?” silent film turned into the incomparable experience of live stage, Dr. Caligari is a theatrical dance show at every turn. To start the entire cast is clothed and painted head to toe in Black and White, which is further complimented by black and white multi-media projections and silent film clips, an original score by composer Regan Remy and emotive dance as the medium of communication all morphing this psychological thriller from fantasy to reality and back again.

  • Info:
    • Weekends, September 7 – October 6, 2012 – 8pm
    • The El Portal Theatre,
      • 5269 Lankershim Boulevard , Los Angeles
    • Tickets:

What Happened in Mayville? (III)

The terror continues…. LOFT ensemble brings back its popular horror series with the third installment of What Happened in Mayville?  Picking up events in the back storeroom of a club style grocery store, the play takes place simultaneously with the previous versions.

It is a very early morning in the days just before Christmas in this small desert town in the American Southwest.   What starts as a normal day becomes something else as the story unravels and it becomes clear….something horrible is happening in Mayville.

  • Info:
    • Saturday – Sunday, thru November 18, 2012 / See web for time 
    • LOFT ensemble
      • 929 East 2nd St. Los Angeles
      • Downtown /  Little Tokyo / theater entrance on Vignes between 1st and 2nd
    • Tickets: $15

The Sierra Madre Playhouse Presents….


Seven years ago, Ruthven Murgatroyd faked his death to avoid the family curse which dooms the eldest son to commit one crime each day or be tortured to death. His unfortunate younger brother, Despard, was left to live the family legacy. Now settled into a quiet life as law student Robin Oakapple, Ruthven Murgatroyd has fallen in love with Rose Maybud, a woman of impeccable manners, but he’s too shy to ask her out. Will Ruthven (aka Robin) get the girl and be able to evade the family curse?

  • September 22, 2012 – November 10, 2012 
  • Friday – Sunday, see website for times
  • Ticket Prices: $25 Adults, $22 Sr. Citizens, $15 Youth 13-21 and, $12 Children under 12

Fairy Tale Theatre – Halloween Show

Halloween is the scariest night of the year! Our super-dooper ace director, CB DeMan, is putting together an exciting show. We have lots of wonderful monsters who live in the Playhouse, a ghost, skeleton, witch, giant and an invisible man. There’s only one problem. Our monsters who live in the Playhouse are too nice – they are scared to be scary! We need your help. Please come in your costumes and show them how to scare us.

  • Saturday, September 29 – November 3, 2012
  • 11 am
  • Tickets: $18 / $12

Sally Spectre – The Musical

“A children’s horror story for adults” musically telling the story of a murdered Victorian-era girl who must adjust to her strange new life as a ghost.
Info: or
Friday-Sunday, October 21 – November 20, 2011
NoHo Stages
4934 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood
Tickets: $25

Phantom Of The Opera

For his final overture in Los Angeles, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA returns to the Pantages Theatre to take your breath away. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s international award-winning phenomenon directed by Harold Prince has woven its magical spell over standing room audiences in more than 100 cities worldwide and is now the longest running show in Broadway history. Don’t miss a chance to experience this timeless story of seduction and despair.
Info: or or 800-982-ARTS
September 23 – October 31, 2010
Tues-Sunday evenings, Sat-Sun matinees
Pantages Theater
6233 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood
Tickets: $29-$125


Based on the timeless classic by Mary Shelley novel, this new dramatization depicts the Frankenstein monster as a symbol of all of the misfits of the world unloved and unwanted by society. Because he does not look like the rest of us, we call him ugly and we fear him. Because we fear him, we want to destroy him. Mary Shelley gave her monster a kind and tender heart, a love for people, and a desire to be loved in return. But he was never loved, not by one single person. A chilling story of the dangers of science!
Info: or
October 13-16, 2010
Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm, Saturday 2pm
Fullerton College Bronwyn Dodson Theatre
321 E. Chapman Ave., Fullerton


“Dracula” is a chilling and spooky tale about a bizarre illness fallen upon Lucy Seward, daughter to Dr. Seward, owner of an English Sanatorium in the early 1900s. Dr. Seward and Lucy’s fiancé, Jonathan Harker, call in the help of Professor Van Helsing, an expert in the macabre. Their search for answers leads them deeper and deeper into the terrors of the unknown and the unthinkable. Could a vampire be the answer to this chilling mystery?
Info: or (310) 645-5156
Sep 10 – Oct 16, 2010
Fri & Sat 8 PM, Sun 2 PM
Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave., Westchester
Tickets: $18, $2 discount for seniors, students & servicemen
Fun for the whole family, Suitable for ages 10 and up

Eban Schletter’s Witching Hour

From the man behind the musical madness of Mr. Show and Spongebob Squarepants comes a crypt full of creepy original songs and spells to raise the dead … and a devil doll.
Info: or
Sunday October 24, 2010, 8pm
Steve Allen Theater, at the Center For Inquiry West
4773 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles
Tickets: $10

Vendetta, A Musical Tale of Technical Difficulties

Something is amiss at the old theatre. Rumors abound that it’s haunted by a resident spirit! Who (or what) is causing the mayhem? Find out in “4-part acapella, barbershop style” by joining the Golden Sands Chorus of Long Beach. Includes several other specialty acts, including Hi Fidelity Quartet and LA South Towns Show Chorus.
October 30, 2010 – 7pm
Long Beach City College Auditorium
4901 Carson Street, Long Beach (Harvey @ Clark)
Tickets: $20, discount at door for students w/ ID

The Mill

Inspired by true events, THE MILL is an eerie tale that questions the power of a good scary story. How do you explain the unexplained? That’s the question facing Kristi and her friends when they learn about a mysterious house in the outskirts of their small town. Come along for the ride and decide for yourself what’s real and what’s imagined in this ear-tingling world premiere.
Info: or -Detail-
October 22-24, 29-31, 2010
Fri-Sat 8pm
Sunday 3pm
Atwater Playhouse
3191 Casitas Ave., Los Angeles
ages 13 and up. (Some Mature Language)

Spiderbaby the Musical

An authorized adaptation of Jack Hill’s classic horror film, Spider Baby the Musical tells the story of the Merrye family. Each member suffers from the same degenerative mental disorder which causes a loss of impulse control.

Some distant relatives want to institutionalize the Merrye children and sell their land. Spider Baby the Musical deals with the extreme measures the family takes to stay together.
Info: or (323) 906-8904
October 15 – December 5, 2010
The Lyric Hyperion Theatre Cafe
2106 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles
Tickets: Regular $25, but early bird purchases and discounts at facebook
This play is not intended for children as it depicts sexual situations and violence.

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

A paternalistic government suspends basic individual liberties in the name of preserving the security of the homeland. That could never happen here. Could it? Firemen in a world of the near future don’t put out fires. They start them. They burn books.

A rebellious few will read books regardless of the consequences. One of the rebels is a fireman himself. Can rebel fireman Montag and his friends save our cultural heritage from being crushed?
Info: and then select the play or (323) 960-4451
Oct 17-Nov 23, 2008
Fri-Sat, 8pm, Sun 3pm
Fremont Centre Theatre
1000 Fremont Ave , South Pasadena

Goddess A Go Go’s Night of the Living Dance

Goddess A Go Go’s Night Of The Living Dance is an eclectic night of Halloween themed, theatrical, comedic and diverse dance styles performed by an all female ensemble.
Fri-Sat night, October 29 – 30, 2010 – 10:30pm
Theatre Asylum
6320 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles
(cross street Vine)
Tickets; $15, more discounts of the website.

Night of the Living Dolls – Orange County Underground Burlesque Society

??? Come sink your teeth into a live performance featuring the sexiest, sassiest ghosts and ghoulies. Mix of comedy, burlesque, costumes and gals presented by the Orange County Underground Burlesque Society
Info: or 714-680-6803
Fri & Sat nights @ 11:00pm – October 22 – 30, 2010
Tickets: $15
Hunger Artists Theatre Company – Fullerton
699-A South State College Blvd, Fullerton
(In the Trico College Business Park)

Ed Ghoulvez Haunted Punk House

Spooky, Scary – The Halloween comics are unleashed! See a ghoulishly talented carnival of stand up comedians KILLING the audience. (no actual killing involved).
Info: or 310-451-0850
October 26, 2011
Westside Comedy Theater
1323-A 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica
(in the alley between 3rd/4th and just south of Arizona Ave)
Tickets: $8
Costume Contest

The Changeling

Presented as a Gothic Victorian nightmare, The Changeling summons a world where high poetry neatly coexists with coarse humor, and the darkest human fantasies come true. The beguiling Beatrice-Joanna is betrothed to a man she no longer desires and falls in love with a dashing stranger, a man long obsessed with her. Together, they plot to free her from her engagement, through horrifying means.

Ghosts, mysterious potions, dancing lunatics, and various human remains all make an appearance in this most decadent of tragedy of the English Renaissance written by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley, Shakespeare’s illustrious contemporaries. Join Independent Shakespeare Co. as it re-imagines this classic.
Info: or (818) 710-6306
Friday, October 16 – November 8, 2009, Thurs-Sat
The Lillian Theatre
1076 Lillian Way, Hollywood
Tickets: pre-sale $16, then $20, half off w/ your Victorian finery or with groups of 10 or more.
Costumes: Victorian or Steampunk costume requested for discount

Night Stories: A 1940’s Halloween Radio Play –

??? Night Stories is a series of radio plays set in the 1940’s before television when people tuned their radios to hear the weekly serials. The Halloween episode is a collection of creepy eerie stories and is fun for the whole family.

Also catch their haunted house Halloween week. or 323 960 7827
October 3-19, 2008
Friday & Saturdays, 8PM, Sunday 6pm
Theatre 68
5419 Sunset Blvd (just east of Western) in Hollywood.
Admission: $20