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How to Submit Events

Please read the submission info below and check the site for examples. Send the info in plain text so I can just paste into in.Send a link to a flyer image that requires complete retyping, and it goes to the bottom of the stack.Thanks — Spooky Cat

Send events to

All listings are free!

If you want to help… please give a shout. Need all the help we can get!

  • At minimum include the name of the event, the dates, time, address, admission amount, contact info(web address and/or phone number,facebook link or something).
    • A physical address for the event is required. **
      • Exception:
        • House haunts that will list the house address just before the event to keep the address private the rest of the year.
        • Flash events like a zombie “meat-up”, er meet-up — talk to me about a contact listing.
  • Include a couple sentence blurb about your event.(No guarantee I’ll print it entirely, but it gives me a starting point.)
    • Send in some kind of a description that makes your event unique or fun, the list is crowded, and you want yours to stand out from every other listing.
      • Hint, just a list of names won’t draw in new folks.
      • If you just send your full page blerb, don’t complain about how it gets condensed.
    • Make it something that will encourage folks to come to your event while they’re scanning blerbs.
  • List ages the event is aimed towards and if there are kid versions as well.
  • List the costume / mask / dress policy.
  • Please send this info in textso I can cut and paste all the details for your event listing.
    • If you send a pdf image document or jpg flyer where I’ve got to retype the details at 2am… please don’t whimper if it gets typed wrong then.


** New policy as of 2006: all events must have an address for the event… or at least start of the event if it’s a “moving” style party. Yes, that means I’m not listing “beeper” events…. I’m avoiding listing links to the underground raves. Halloween is not a night for newbie to start on those parties — there’s plenty else going on.


While I get some events though folks submitting, I do most of this research on my own. I list events that have a web site link listed. An event does not need to have a web site to be listed, but if you submit something, please make sure you include all the needed info so that you’re info phone line doesn’t get overloaded… we’ve bringing in more traffic every year.

-da Spooky Cat

Please contact da site’s mascot at with any corrections or if you have a new event to bring to our attention.

Note: we do not just swap links or banners as a traffic gaining method. If you have an event for the Los Angeles area, we will add you. No reciprocal link is required, but always appreciated.

If you want to advertise your event beyond our free listing, we’re in Google’s add program. If you need help on targeting within an add group we will help. However, we won’t make an exception for you for a direct add.

Nagging da Spooky Cat for an exception to either of the above just makes for a grumpy Cat when typing up your free listing.