Los Angeles Haunts

Ghostly Haunted Houses in Los Angeles

(south & west side as well)

Grave Expectations – Hollywood Cemetery Walking Tour

Inormation updated for 2016 The stars are waiting for you on this tour of one of Old Hollywood’s most sought after “afterworld” addresses. This gorgeous old site is the final resting place for a pantheon of performers, including Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Barbara LaMarr, C.B. De Mille,—and other high-flying Angelenos—and as the elegant (and eclectic) collection of monuments and mausoleums attest, our forefathers died as stylishly as they lived. Tour and tales!

  • Info: http://www.cemeterytour.com/or 818-517-5988 or info@cemeterytour.com
    • Hollywood Forever Cemetery,
      • 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard (East of Gower), Hollywood
    • Tours September, most Saturdays; October most Saturdays and Sundays; and some Nov days, 2016
    • *Tour dates can be subject to change, so check back or call 818-517-5988 to confirm. All tours begin at the flower shop by the entrance. Parking is available on the grounds.
    • $15, tour 2 hours. $1 to book online.  Check if RSVP required
      • Wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen
      • Please contact for large groups or private tours.
      • Reservations suggested, available on line
    • Hidden Hollywood & Jewish Heritage Tour are available by request for groups.
    • Weekday tours available for groups. More dates though the year.

STAR ECO Station

The award winning STAR ECO Station is an official wildlife rescue center as well as an award winning educational center. The rescued animals are there in a great environment that allows kids (or anyone) to get up close and personal with them.

Creepy Crawly Creature Feature

A Zany entomology expo for kids, with hundreds of bug, spider and butterfly species, outrageous edible insects, scientists and specialists! Turn your bug fears into fascination.

Enchanted Green Hallow’s Eve

Inormation updated for 2016 It’s almost time to BUG OUT and have a HOWL-ing FUN TIME as the STAR Eco Station combines two of our coolest, kid-friendly events to bring you our Enchanted Crawly Hallow’s Eve! This Halloween-themed entomology festival will showcase hundreds of insects, from terrifying tarantulas to beautiful butterflies!

Get dressed in your spookiest costumes and come test your bug bravery with our Fear Factor Edible Insect Challenge, Costume Contest, Exotic Wildlife Exhibits, Celebrity Guests and so much more!

  • Info: http://www.ecostation.org/ , 310-842-8060  or  facebook  or Event Detail

    • Sunday, October 23, 2016  Early Open
      • 12-4pm – Enchanted Green Hallow’s Eve
    • Star EcoStation
      • 10101 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City
    • Kid friendly, costumes encouraged

Regular schedule: Open to the public Saturday and Sundays at their Culver City location. School field trips by reservations. All proceeds going to the continuing support of their rescued animals.

Shoreline Village Halloween Haunt

(with Long Beach Zombie Fest)

Inormation updated for 2016 Shoreline Village will once again provide spooky fun in October. We are proud to be a part of Long Beach Zombie Walk and to host the YMCA Haunted House!

Final weekend has lots of fun for kids and the adults.  See the website for timing and details.  Magic shows on final Saturday and Sunday.  Uki Spooky Music on Saturday evening.  Halloween:  face painting, trick or treating, costume contest.

  • Info:  http://www.shorelinevillage.com/  or Event Flyer
    • Fri-Sun plus Halloween week, October 14-16, 21-23, 26-31, 2016
      • Times vary, see site
    • Shoreline Village
      • 401-435 Shoreline Village Drive,  Long Beach
    • Tickets: Haunted house, $5

Long Beach Zombie Fest

Inormation updated for 2016 Join hordes of rotting revelers for Long Beach’s annual zombie outbreak, a THREE DAY invasion of undead music, film, and horror for all ages! This apocalyptic festival is a jam-packed day of live entertainment, showcasing a dance floor with bumpin’ jams you’re going want to dance to for the ultimate frightful dance party, outdoor screenings of classic zombie movies, Thriller workshop, carnival games, exhibitors/vendors, costume and pumpkin carving contests, freakshow attraction, wrestling, the infamous Zombie Walk, Hollywood special effects make-up artists, food court with festival food and tasty treats for the hungry ghouls and gals, and adult beverages: Beer, Wine, Liquor drinks — “Screaming Zombie“ and Margaritas for our 21+ crowd; exclusive at our Zombie Bar.  Live music.

  • 3500 sq. ft. haunted maze with a Zombie Outbreak Interactive Scare Zone – YOU CAN BE A PART OF THE ACTION! (become a real-life scareactor for 15 minutes)
  • Zombification Zone – (FREE MAKE-UP) Hollywood special effects make-up artists from Cinema Makeup School providing their expert services FREE to all attendees who need assistance in finding their inner zombie
  • Live 100+ Interactive Reptile Exhibit with a Fear Factor Attraction
  • Zombie Apocalypse Hunt Laser Tag Attraction
  • Mobile Live Action Escape Room LA Attraction
  • Zombie Watusi Dance Contests
  • Thriller Workshops.  Be a part of an all dancing Zombie Flash Mob by World Record Breaker – Thrill the World Los Angeles (workshop starts at 2PM on Saturday only)
  • Costume Contests and workshops
  • Zombie Prom (Sunday)
  • Phantom Coaches Hearse Club
  • Mysterious Sideshow Museum
  • The Infamous Zombie Walk (all three days starting at 6pm)
  • And much more listed on their web
Don your gruesomest apparel and make-up – and don’t worry, we’ll have make-up artists on hand ready to give you a zombie transformations if you need help revealing your inner flesh-eater!  Zombie walking since 2008.
  • Info:  http://longbeachzombiefest.com/        or facebook
    • Friday-Sunday –  October 14 – 16, 2016  EarlyBird

      • See web site close to event for more scheduling details.
    • Zombie pass:   $13-15 per day (buy online in advance) (2 day $18, 3 day $20/ kids under 12 free
    • Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach
      • 400-403 Shoreline Drive, Long Beach
    • Events for all ages.   See website for details
    • Costumes strongly encouraged!  And although this event continues to be the largest invasion of undead flesh-eaters in America, the zombies don’t discriminate against ghosts, witches, Star Wars characters, creepy bunnies. No weapons, even pretend.   And of course, we welcome the non-costumed Living as well.  Zombies need to eat too!!

Revenge of the Ninja Maze and Block Party Fall Festival

Inormation updated for 2016 The ninjas awake to protect their domain. Try and survive your passage through this haunted dojo as the restless undead ninja of the Kage No Michi clan return to kill all intruders! This maze will surely put you to the test! Try if you dare, but remember: Vengeance is their legacy! Ninja-Themed Haunted Maze featuring an over 3000 square foot indoor/outdoor solid-walled labyrinth that includes heart-stopping displays, mind-boggling special effects, and nightmarish scare talent. Haunting since 2008.

Block Party Fall Festival on Oct. 31st.  Festival includes snack shack, carnival style games, prizes, drawings, and more.

  • Info: http://revengeoftheninja.com/ or   310-503-3370
    • Maze
      • October 29-31, 2016  from 7-10
        • Saturday – Monday
    • Fall Festival/Block Party:
      • October 31 only from 6 – 10 pm
    • The Way Of The Shadow Ninjutsu
      • 18727 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance
    • Admission: Free ($5 suggested donation greatly appreciated)
    • Costumes and masks allowed.
    • All ages are welcome to the festival but the maze is recommended for 10 yrs old or above.

The Insane House of Pain

??? (Do have plans for 2015, just waiting for info.)  This year’s haunt – Zombie Apocalypse! … A high-tech amateur haunt built to professional standards. Haunting since 1989.

Scare the Children

Inormation updated for 2016 They’reeeee baaaaaack. This is a yard haunt centered on a graveyard scene, using props including a real coffin, tombstones, real flame torches and candelabras, fog machines & great lighting, voice processing and sound effects.  A human cast of characters creeps all around the yard. This haunt is both kinds of scary: eerie looking, and people-jumping-out-at-you shocking.  Haunting since 1998 w/ a small break.

  • Info: https://www.facebook.com/scarethechildrenLA
    • October 31, 2016, dusk to 9:30
    • Culver City, 90066
      • (near Washington Blvd and Centinela)
      • Address will be posted on their facebook page a couple days before Halloween
    • This is a yard haunt that is very scary – gory as well as “jump out at you” scary. Not suitable for kids that are very young or don’t enjoy being scared.

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Inormation updated for 2016 The ship’s crew have ensured this Long Beach Halloween tradition’s unforgettable and macabre makeover at the hands of fright masters.  Three shipboard and two onshore mazes confuse and ensnare visitors, and although visitors will have every opportunity to turn back. Voodoo Village with dark magic.  Monster Midway will be where guests, zombies, food, and entertainment intertwine.  Stage shows, freek show, mechanical monster.

Haunting since 2010.

  • Info: http://www.queenmary.com/events/dark-harbor/

    • Sept 29 – Oct. 31, 2016  EarlyBird
      • 7 p.m. to Midnight, or later some nights
      •  (Friday-Sunday, some Thursdays and Halloween)
    • The Queen Mary
      • 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach
    • Tickets: $20-$39 presale, depending on day and time, VIP front of line, night and weekend packages available / Parking $10
      • They do sell out some nights.
    • No photos of any kind
    • Sorry, no costumes on attendees – except Halloween night.

      • See the website for details on strict dress code including no hats.
      • You WILL be searched.
    • Event targets 13+ audience

Little Monster’s Ball – at the Queen Mary  

??? Just for the kids — Let your kids roam through Dark Harbor Village for fun and safe trick-or-treating! Face Painting.  Fun, live music  for the entire family. Kid’s Costume Contest.  (See website for sign up form.)

  • Info: http://www.queenmary.com/events/little-monsters-ball/
    • October 31, 2014 –   4 – 6 pm
    • The Queen Mary
      • 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach
    • Tickets: $10 per general admission (kids are free with paid adult admission).  See website to reserve a place
      • Evening Dark Harbor is Separate Admission

The Haunted Shack

Inormation updated for 2016 A residential haunt and maze for Halloween Night. Low on gore, high on startle and tricks. The haunt is a maze that takes about 6-8 minutes but the nightmares memories last a lifetime! Haunting since 1997.

Also home of the Monster List of Links to Halloween Do-It-Yourself Projects.

Haunted Play presents DELUSION: His Crimson Queen

Inormation updated for 2016 Delusion is an interactive combination of theater and action packed stunts. Audiences become an integral part of the unraveling storyline becoming active participants in the dramatic experience. Haunted Play is a theater company focused on immersive theatre to produce unique, live theatrical events for Halloween. Seeking to redefine the Haunted House experience interactive theatre returns! For a limited run, the wildly popular Delusion series presents an All New Original Play from writer/director Jon Braver titled “His Crimson Queen”. Play your part in the unforgettably haunting tale of dreadful love and the supernatural as you are drawn to a strange villa by a peculiar letter from your father, Berke Sullivan…

Delusion casts the audience as vital players in a living, breathing, interactive “moving play”.  Haunted Play’s show format is as follows: Every 12-15 minutes, groups of 10 begin the play, guided by mysterious figures. This year, the play begins outside…in a graveyard. Bring a jacket. And extra underwear. Allow 2-3 hours for the whole experience. Food trucks and refreshments will be available to decompress.

Haunting since 2011.

  • Info: http://www.hauntedplay.com   or    facebook  or   1-855-235-2867

    • September 26 – October, 2016 (more dates to be announced) EarlyBird
      • Friday – Sunday, plus some Wednesdays and Thursdays
      • hour shows, 7-11, plus midnight shows on Friday & Saturday
    • 2200 S Harbor Blvd, Los Angeles
    • Tickets: $60, see web for extra options
      • RSVP a must, sells out quickly
    • Ages: 18+Only
    • No masks, no purses.
    • You must be able to quickly navigate stairs and. Wear comfortable shoes and be willing to get dusty. See site for more difference from a standard haunt.

The ALONE Experience

Inormation updated for 2016 ALONE [an existential haunting] subverts once more the “haunted house” experience with an even more terrifying, immersive, psychological journey. ALONE remains a 30-minute individual, tour where participants become a part of their own nightmare. Unlike haunted hayrides and scary houses, ALONE ditches the typical Halloween trappings of fake blood, gore, sexy vampires and screaming psychopaths. ALONE is an ongoing, site-specific, fully-immersive and existential experience that explores the range of human emotions.

Presenting itself in a variety of configurations, ALONE explores the complex folds of the human psyche, placing you as the participant within dreams and fantasies and nightmares that you may have had and within those that you definitely have not.  Your body may be aggressively touched and moved or tenderly embraced or be utterly left displaced and alone.  Unweave the Rainbow is four experiments in human emotion that explore interaction. When light encounters an object, one of four actions occur; diffusion, refraction, reflection and absorption.

  • Info:  http://www.thealoneexperience.com/    or  facebook

    • October 13, 2016   EarlyBird

    • Location emailed to each participant after ticket purchase. Parking available. Near public transportation.
    • Tickets: $55 general, $80 front of the line.  See website for discounts.
      • Signed Waver required
    • 18+ w/ ID

 Crestfallen Cemetery

???  Every year it’s a creepy cemetery theme. Each year more improve and a new character added. Yard haunt with a walk-up and a 2 minutes maze. Lots of animation. Live characters too.

It’s family friendly since there is no gore and no scare tactics – creepy and lurky. It’s for families. Haunting since 1998.

The Haunted Diary

??? (On hiatus for 2014.  Will be back in 2015)  Interactive, story-centered home haunted house feature ghostly sets, animatronics, pneumatics, and special effects.  The expanded haunt all carry a terrifying tale directly from the Haunted Diary.  Also includes a spooky “hang-out” area in front.   Haunting since 2009.

  • Info: http://www.thehaunteddiary.com   or  Facebook
    • October 26-27, 31, 2013
      • Saturday – Sunday, Halloween
    • 603 N. Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles
      • Hollywood area — Just off Melrose Ave, and a few blocks from Sunset Blvd.
    • Free Admission.  Donations Accepted
    • Not recommended for children under 12


Inormation updated for 2016 CreepLA is an immersive haunt experience set in an abandoned warehouse in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. Produced by a group of theatrical artists, CreepLA sets itself apart by providing a scare unlike any other that leaves its guests fearful long after their visit ends.  Audiences shall expect their experience to begin the moment they arrive. An intimate pre-show lounge with hospitality offerings will set the tone while small groups (even individuals) are invited into hidden scenes, intimate encounters and frightful situations. Entry will consist of a 65 -90 minute experience that sprawls throughout an 8,000+ square-foot space combining elements from both film and stage while remaining true to its haunt background.

Guests can be expected to climb stairs, run, crawl and hide in dark rooms.  New haunt as of 2015.

  • Info:  www.CreepLA.com 
    • Sept 15 – Oct 31, 2016   EarlyBird
      • 7pm to 11am,
      • Sept – Thursday – Saturday
      • Oct – most Wednesday -Sunday, plus Halloween week
    • Imperial Arts Studio
      • 2316 N San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles,
    • Tickets: $40 in September, $50 in October — Timed / Sells out some nights
      • Parking $5
    • 18 and older

Escape Room LA New Event

Inormation updated for 2016  Escape Room LA games are real-life escape games where you and up to 11 others must race to beat the clock and escape from a locked room in less than one hour.

The Detective: Step back in time to a 1940s detective’s office. Uncover clues to an old-school Hollywood mystery while you identify suspects and solve clever, challenging puzzles that will lead to a key and ultimately, your escape from the room! Room capacity: 12 people. 60 minutes.  Level: Challenging.  Accessible.

The Cavern:  Descend into a mysterious cavern deep under the city streets where you’ll search to uncover the secrets of a lost civilization. Suddenly the cavern’s air supply begins to run out and you must search for a way to escape the confined space before time runs out!  Room capacity: 10 people. 50 minutes.  Level: Challenging.

The Theatre: Uncover challenging clues and puzzles as you explore the backstage areas of a haunted theatre. Find a way to release the theatre’s ghost before the performance begins or be trapped inside forever!  Room capacity: 12 people. 50 minutes.  Level: Moderately Challenging.  Accessible.

The Alchemist: Inside a mysterious medieval alchemists’ lab, you must search for the four lost elements of earth, air, fire and water. Unite the elements and unleash the magical powers of the Philosopher’s Stone before the alchemist returns!  Room capacity: 10 people. 50 minutes.  Level: Challenging.

  • Info: http://www.escaperoomla.com/  or 213-689-3229
    • Runs all year long!  Tuesday – Sunday
      • Weekday evenings / Noon on weekends
      • Private functions can bee booked weekday days
    • 120 E. 8th Street in Downtown Los Angeles.
      • (commercial office building on the south side of 8th Street at the corner of Los Angeles St)
    • Tickets: $32 per person weekdays / $37 per person weekends
      • If you wish to have a room for your group only, you must purchase all tickets for the room capacity for the game you wish to attend.
      • Must reserve in advance. / No late admittance.
    • Games are designed for adults and recommended for ages 14 and up, unless whole room is purchased

      • 16 and under must play with an adult
    • Release required
    • Both The Detective and The Theatre can accommodate wheelchairs.

The Tension Experience: Ascension  New Event

Inormation updated for 2016 The Tension Experience is a guided Illumination designed to prepare You for a new way to see this world. By design, those who choose this Journey can be assured that they will never be quite sure where the events will go, when they will start and stop and, often, what the true motivation behind them actually is.  24 room labyrinth.

This is more than a haunt and more than immersive theater; participants will feel as though they are inside of a genre movie that has vividly come to life all around them.  (More into from the LA Times.)

Haunting since 2016.

  • Info: http://thetensionexperience.com
    • September 8 – October 31, 2016
      • Thurs – Sunday (and  more dates to be announced
      • 7-11:30pm,   Experience lasts about 2 hours.
    • Boyle Heights/ Los Angeles —  location sent a few days before the show.
    • Tickets: $125   /  Buy in advance Sells out.
      • Your experience begins the moment your ticket is purchased!
    • Comfortable shoes, must be able to crawl, run, be alone.  You will get dirty.
    • No one under 18, ID required.  Some casual nudity
    • Must sign a waver.

Eternal Rest Cemetery

Venice Haunted House

???  (No house for 2014 & 2015, stay tuned for next year.)  Eternal Rest Cemetery and Venice Haunted House.  Cemetery proprietors allow you to visit with the recently departed by taking a delightful tour through the depths of The Morgue.  Be warned that this is an intense experience.  A truly chilling haunted experience… because they love Halloween, and they LOVE to scare people. Steve’s background in set and prop design ensure a truly chilling experience.  Haunting since ????


The RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns – LA Convention Center & LA FairPlex

Inormation updated for 2016 Come see thousands of hand-carved illuminated jack o’lanterns creatively arranged along a scenic indoors walking path and set to a musical score designed to bring out the Halloween spirit in visitors of all ages! The various new and exciting themes created for 2016 are sure to impress both RISE newbies and returning RISE fans.

This year, we’re DOUBLING the number of intricately carved 100+ pound pumpkins on display.   We’re also bringing back our iconic multi-pumpkin structures that consist of dozens of illuminated jack o’lanterns assembled into life-sized pieces of art. You’ll see classic fan-favorites like life-sized dinosaurs, dragons, and safari animals, as well as a number of new structures featuring time-honored characters from some favorite movies, including one that will make you feel like you’re in a galaxy far, far, away.

Our live carving efforts are expanding for 2016 so that you can learn more about how we do what we do! We’ll have four live-carving stations where you can watch our artists create the different types of displays you see in the show all right before your eyes! Watch us illustrate and carve our famous 100+ pound pumpkins, see us build a multi-pumpkin jack o’lantern structure similar to our iconic raptor skeletons, catch some of the most talented pumpkin sculptors in the country carving our signature 3D sculpted pumpkins, and learn how our team churns out thousands of Halloween jack o’lanterns per day, in our Mini Carving Factory.

Haunting since 2015.

  • Info:  http://www.therise.org   or  Event Tickets

    • Oct 13 – Oct 16, 2016  – LA Convention Center
    • Oct  27 – 30, 2016 – Fair Plex
      • Thursday – Sunday, hours vary but basically 10am –  10pm
    • Tickets:  Discounts start at $13.  MUST be purchased in advance.  Timed!
      • Promo codes and discounts on the website
    • NEW LOCATIONS – Indoor Venues

Blackthorn Screemfest New Event

Inormation updated for 2016 Two maze and Halloween icon,  The Mayor of Halloween.  Terrifying Haunted Attractions, 6 themed stages, featuring the hotup and coming bands and Dj’s.  Tickets allow multiple trips though the mazes.

Escape Hotel Hollywood  New Event

Inormation updated for 2016 Every room is a different escape.  You have 60 minutes to survive.

Cocaine: Welcome to room 1961.  Be aware of the message you’ll receive at the front desk. Your dear Uncle Jack set up this meeting. We don’t know the details of what he was searching for, but we certainly know he wanted you to come. He needs your help to finish his work and set free the head of the Concetti Family.  Guests: 1-6.  Difficulty level: 4 stars.

Witchcraft: Welcome to room 1313.  Do you believe in witchery? Well… at this point it certainly is irrelevant.  There is a crowd on its way, coming after you, to burn you alive. Just as they did with the previous guests in this cozy little room. Whom, as you, were accused of witchcraft and thereby, sentenced to death. It’s an angry blood-thirsty mob, armed with machetes and torches, ready to introduce you to “hell on earth”.   Guests: 1-6.  Difficulty level: 5 stars.

Zombie: Welcome to room 1986. The previous guests in this room were experimenting with different kinds of viruses to create Super-Humans. They were attempting to develop one capable of converting any human into a Slave Working Machine. Unfortunately, instead, the result of their experiments was a method of transforming humans into Zombies. Ever since then, they have been trying to develop an antidote that would reverse the symptoms.  Guests: 1-6, 3 recommended.  Difficulty level: 4 stars.

Daycare: Welcome to room 1919. Unfortunately, all the darling little girls we previously accommodated in this daycare have either disappeared or are dead. Since 1919, when this facility was abruptly shut down, we have been trying to reveal the truth behind their mysterious deaths and disappearances.  Unluckily, all our efforts have been unsuccessful.  Guests: 1-6.  Difficulty level: 3 stars.

Agent: Welcome to Room 1944.  As you may have noticed, Adolf is about to win the war and your group of Allied Spies have been captured. Great job… You, and the rest of the Western world, will be dead or enslaved by the Nazi Empire if you don’t do something to stop them. To accomplish this, you must first escape from this jail you are in. You must think like a spy and detour the nuclear weapon that Adolf deployed two hours ago.   Guests: 1-8.  Difficulty level: 3 stars.

Exorcist: In these times of development and modern technology humanity has forgotten a power greater than any weapon, one capable to put human kind in danger of eternal suffering.   The fight between good and evil happens right in front of our eyes mostly unnoticed until now, the question is if you will be able to fight Satan’s soldiers, defeat them and make it out alive. Difficulty level: Unrated.

  • Info: http://www.escapehotelhollywood.com/  or  (323) 848 4954    or   facebook
    • Open all year long!
      • Normally dark on Tuesday
      • Times vary by room, some rooms open during the day, all run in the evenings
      • Call time a half hour in advance / No late admittance
    • Must book in advance
    • 6633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles
      • between Highland and Vine
    • street parking
    • Tickets:  $39

Trap House – Escape Room and Gallery  New Event

Inormation updated for 2016 Think Tank Gallery has teamed up with Ian Von Cromer to assemble a list of scifi, horror, and SFX sculptors for the haunt season’s premiere group art show. Artists with work at LACMA’s “At Home with Monsters” survey team up with conceptual, video and performance artists in October for this completely FREE tour of Hollywood’s most influential names in gore and terror.  They’ve put an escape room in an art gallery and make escapees into art. Voyeuristic peeks from the gallery into a horrific story of human trafficking and organ harvesting will give hints on how to solve the puzzles.

  • Info: http://www.traphouse.la/   or
    • October 8 – 31, 2016
      • Must book in advance
      • Arrive early / No late admission
      • 4-6 people per session / 30 minutes in room
    • Art show: Thursday – Monday,  3pm – 11pm, free but must RSVP
    • Think Tank Gallery
      • 939 Maple Ave., LA / Second floor
    • Tickets: $35 / 5 for $100
    • There will be blood.  Dress appropriately!
      • Flat shoes recommended.
    • Rated R / Parental guidance

Looking for reviews of LA Haunted Houses? Check out Hollywood Gothique haunted house reviews.

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Da Graveyard

Our graveyard for haunts that have closed and have good websites, or may just be taking a year off….

The Purge: The Breakout

???  THE PURGE: BREAKOUT is an immersive escape-game experience based on the world of Universal Pictures’ THE PURGE.  It’s Purge Night, and your group is being held captive by a demented torturer…with only 30 minutes before the start of The Purge.  Trapped in his house, groups must work together—solving a series of increasingly complicated mind-bending puzzles and clues—to escape captivity and survive THE PURGE.  Based on popular escape room adventures taking the U.S. and Asia by storm, the experience is like a real life video game.  Visitors will be completely immersed into a horror experience.

The experience is designed to immerse you in the world of The Purge and challenge your group to solve clues and puzzles in order to escape. Unlike a traditional haunted house experience, you’re not just a passive viewer.  Think of it like being dropped into a real life video game. In order to successfully proceed through the experience, your group must work together to solve clues and puzzles, unlock mysteries, and confront a variety of physical and mental challenges to escape before Purge Night begins.

Haunting since 2012.

  • October 2 – 31, 2014
    • Thursday – Sunday, some Wednesdays
  • 2323 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Tickets: $25 – $27.50
    • Timed tickets, arrive 10 minutes early.
    • Max 6 in a group
  • 18 and older, and a photo ID will be required.


The House of Restless Spirits

(Neighbor issues, close indefinably. ) What do you get when you mix a professional magician with an aerospace engineer and more technicians? A highly technical haunt with complex chills and thrills. Haunting since 1997.

  • Info: http://www.houseofrestlessspirits.com
    • Thursday & Saturday, Oct 31 & Nov 2, 2013 – opens at 7pm – 11pm
    • 1008 Euclid St, Santa Monica
    • Kids under 13 must be accompanied by an adult
    • Free

 Theatre 68’s Haunted House – 15 nights of Horror

New location… awaiting info

??? The 68 Cent Crew Theater Company has transformed its space on Sunset Boulevard into a haven for ghouls, goblins and ghosts. Anyone who dares is invited to enjoy a chilling tour through a “graveyard” and into a haunted house of otherworldly proportions. Those who venture through will be met by many not-so-restful souls brought to life by actors from the theater company. Haunting since 2006.

  • Info: www.68centcrew.com or 323 960 7827
    • October 12-13, 19-20, 21-25, 26-31, 2012, 8- 11 or midnight (see web)
  • Theatre 68
    • 5419 Sunset Blvd (just east of Western) in Hollywood.
  • Admission: $12 (in exchange for keeping your soul)
    • Bring a canned food item for the homeless and receive $1 off.

Paranoia Haunted Attraction

??? Santa Monica Place on the 3rd Street Promenade transforms for Halloween. 50,000 square feet of raw maze terror. Many of the common areas of the mall will join in on the fun including Paranoia Pub at Ozumo’s daily Haunted Happy Hour. Numerous bars, lounges, and restaurants will transform.

Three Mazes of Terror for the price of one: “The Infirmary”- Patients check in, but they don’t check out; “Insomniac Clown Playhouse” – All the world loves the clown and cannot imagine a fright when one is around; “Granny’s Manor of Mayhem” – Come on over to Granny’s House if you dare.

Haunting since 2012.

  • Info http://paranoiahalloween.com/or call 310.899.0999.
    • September 28 -October 21, 2012. Open late, hours vary, see website
      • Thursday – Sunday, plus Halloween and Halloween eve
    • Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade Mall, above Bloomingdales
      • at 395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica
    • General Admission: $24 Online | $30 Door / VIP Skip the Line: $39 Online | $45 Door / Monthly passes available
      • See website for perks and mall discounts.
    • All ages, but not recommended for children under 12. Must be w/ Adult if under 12
    • NO Costumes – see dress code restrictions