Riverside Haunts

Terrifying Haunted Houses in Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

GhostWalk Riverside & Halloween Carnival

2017 Update California Riverside Ballet is excited to present the annual Ghost Walk Riverside in Downtown Riverside this October.  With a legacy of delighting this  is a premier event with a rich history.  This event has the esteemed reputation for attracting artists from various areas, making a truly exceptional collaboration. Writers, storytellers, actors, musicians, and vocalists all take part in a display of talent and walking adventure through downtown Riverside known as Ghost Walk.  This year’s line-up will include both family-friendly tours as well as tours for the more adventurous and daring participants.  Guided tours will depart from the Main Street Mall.

Each of our walking tours is about 1 1/2 hours long. RAIN OR SHINE.  Haunting since 1991.

Guests are escorted on a tour throughout the historic downtown district where they will hear spine-tingling as well as comic renditions of tales told by California Riverside Ballet volunteers and sponsored by local individuals and companies. Each of the tours is unique and has its own theme. New tours each year.  For the whole family!

As an encore, guests enjoy a Halloween carnival:  Frightfully fun games, tricks, and treats. Perfect for children ages 10 and under. Kids can enjoy games like Pumpkin Patch, Wacko Wire, Wheel of Misfortune, Monster Twist, and Go Bananas. Thirteen games in all!  You can play every game once for only $10.00. Games start at $0.50. Plus kids can win cool prizes!

Guests will also enjoy live entertainment, fun food and craft vendors and the Boo-Tique.

  • Info:  http://crballet.com   or   Walk Event Page

    • Ghost Walk : Sat-Sun, October 27-28, 2017 . 5:30-11pm
    • Carnival: 6-10pm
    • Downtown Riverside pedestrian mall
      • Main St, on the mall, Old Town Riverside
    • Walk Tickets online: $15, timed.  Discount for advance purchase; group rates available
      • Sells out, book in advance.
      • Arrive early to collect your wristband.
    • Tours are suggested for ages 5 and up.  Please pay attention to the ratings.
    • Kiddie Halloween Costume Contest – Ages 10 and under. Both nights.

Coffin Creek Haunted Village and Hayride

2017 Update Visit 5 haunted attractions and haunted Midway in one location. Five haunted attractions. 2 haunts are guided tours. 2 haunts you find your way through the terror and mayhem unescorted. The last haunt is a hay ride through a haunted village.  Chambers of the Mausoleum, Lone Hill Manor, Motel 13, Scarecrow Trail, Shady Hollow Hayride. Haunting since 2007.

  • Info: http://www.coffincreek.com/
    • October 6-31, 2017  EarlyBird

      • Friday-Sunday, plus Halloween
      • Gates open a 7, hours vary
    • Crossroads Riverview Park
      • 14600 River Rd, Corona
    • Tickets: start at $15 for one attraction, all 5 for $35 see web for more. Discount tickets opening weekend.  Fast pass options available.
      • Parking $5
    • Not recommended for under 12. Under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Annual Zombie Crawl in Riverside

2017 Update  The Riverside Zombie Crawl is an annual event hosted by the Riverside Downtown Partnership. This family friendly event is held in mid October to extend the Halloween season in downtown Riverside. Attendees can participate in various activities such as face painting, children’s Halloween crafts by DragonMarsh, zombie themed entertainment, and a costume contest.   Registration for the costume contest will begin at 2 pm through 4:45 pm with three different age categories.  See website.

Josh Roa-St. Pierre will host zombie-themed carnival games along with zombie survivalist training. Attendees will be asked to choose a side: Zombies versus Survivalists. There will be a crawl at 4:30 pm so zombies and survivalists can demonstrate their skills.  5pm costume contest, all ages. The undead community can keep the party going by visiting some of our local establishments for some zombie drink specials (at participating establishments).  Crawling since 2011.

Castle Dark & Happy Hauntings

2017 Update Rides, Mazes, mini-golf.  Castle Park converts to the darkness in October.

Castle Dark:  When darkness falls at Castle Park, the evil will rise and guests can experience the sheer terror of Castle Dark’s haunted mazes.   Venture inside the haunted mazes: Castle Peak Caverns: The conflict all started because the government was using the caverns as a safe storage for nuclear waste and the Norton Family had developed gold fever and wanted more riches. Rumor has it that anyone exploring the caverns can still hear what sounds like mining deep within and is thought to be the spirits of the Norton’s protecting their treasure from trespassers. Shiverton Keep; The evil, sorceress Mal Drogia has cast a spell over the once beautiful kingdom of Shiverton Keep that has unleashed a deadly plague. Do you dare to enter the castle walls and make it out alive escaping the living dead?  Carnival of “S”laughter: Welcome to the Carnival of Laughter! Enjoy a night of hysterics and fun! As you enter the carnival you realize something is horribly amiss! The clowns and mimes have gone MAD and broken out into a feud and are trying to kill one another and anyone unfortunate enough to get in their way.  Ghost Blasters- in 3D: This fun Castle Park ride has been inhabited by some new creatures, zombies, and ghosts that have moved in and are sure to scare the light hear-ted and squeamish.

Happy Haunting for the little ones: For guest looking for more cheer than fear, Castle Park’s Happy Hauntings is the perfect place for little ghouls 12 and under. Kids can enjoy a pumpkin carving contest, a costume contest, and Trick-or-Treat Street. Also, be sure to check out the Spooky Town Car Ride and the Spooky Town Train Ride for extra Halloween fun.   Happy Hauntings is a family-friendly event that is included with regular Castle Park admission. Children are encouraged to wear their costumes; however, masks are not permitted to be worn at the park at any time.  Pumpkin carving has extra charge. 

  • Info: www.castlepark.com  or  (951) 785-3000  or  facebook
    • Friday – Sunday, October 6 – 29, 2017   EarlyBird
      • Hours vary
      • (Daytime Happy Haunting – Sat & Sun, 11-2pm, 3-5pm, w/ park admission) 
    • Castle Park
      • 3500 Polk Street, Riverside
    • Tickets:  See website for all the options and discounts.
      • $9.99 web advance ticket /  Full Duke’s Royal yearly pass  $49.99
    • No masks
    • Castle Dark not recommended for under 13

Lantern Tour – Twisted but True Tales between Evergreen – Riverside

2017 Update Join us for a Lantern Tour at Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery.  Held under a full moon you will be guided by lanterns and perhaps a few spirits as you hear the tales of some of our eternal residents who are eager to tell you of their demise.  You will meet some murderers, and hear about uncommon deaths of those gone too soon.  All of these strange stories are from Riverside’s history and are Twisted but True Tales Beneath Evergreen.  You’ll experience a spiritual smorgasbord that may set your spine tingling!  Don’t delay — people are dying to get in!  Help support the Cemetery and enjoy a great night of story telling theatre!  Light refreshments and related activities precede each tour start time.  Oracle card readings.

This is ADULT material.  You may wish to bring a flashlight to guide you through the murky past. Wear comfortable walking shoes.

This is ADULT material.  You may wish to bring a flashlight to guide you through the murky past. Wear comfortable walking shoes.

  • Info: http://evergreen-cemetery.info/  or  Event Info or  Ticket Details
    • Friday, October 6, 2017
      • 6:30 – 9pm
    • Evergreen Cemetery
      • 4414 14th Street, Riverside
      • (at the corner of 14th Street and Pine)
      • Street parking available around the cemetery.
    • Tickets: $25 – Adults only / Sells out quickly
      • 4 tour times, check in 1/2 hour early.
    • Guests are encouraged but not required to wear Victorian-era or Steam Punk costumes. Please no Halloween costumes. 

Tales from the Victorian Crypt – Evergreen Cemetery, Riverside

Featuring the tortured souls of several unrequited lovers. Come to the graveyard for an evening of Romance, Love, and Death — but not necessarily in that order.  The Old West will come back to life—more or less—-during the fourth annual Tales from the Victorian Crypt event in Riverside’s Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery, , on October 13 & 14, 2017. The vault opens at 6:00 PM; show starts at 7:00. Tickets go fast, so buy ‘em while you can (Link to Ticket Page)

Clear the street for the sunset showdown when Code of the West re-enacts haunted history with a spectral shoot-out. Hear untold tales from the days of saddles and six-shooters when restless spirits tell their unsettling stories: a cache of cursed gold; a hanged man bent on revenge; a murdered saloon girl demanding justice from beyond the grave; and even a colonel in gray dabbling in black magic. Authors Ambrose Bierce and Edgar Allan Poe will also be there to make sure that you don’t get much sleep that night.  The Old West is still with us and there’s lots of unfinished business.  They don’t call them “ghost towns” for nothing.

Celebrates literacy, as well as the culture, during the 1800s.   Fundraiser for Dickensfest.  Haunting since 2014.

  • Info:  http://www.dickensfest.com   or Event Detail
    • Saturday – Sunday, October 13-14, 2017  – 6-9pm   EarlyBird
    • Evergreen Cemetery
      • 4414 14th Street, Riverside
      • (at the corner of 14th Street and Pine)
    • Tickets: $25 / sells out

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Da Graveyard

Our graveyard for haunts that have closed and have good websites, or may just be taking a year off….

Panic Mountain – the Overnight Zombie Nightmare   

???  A strange infection, turning humans into zombies, is rapidly spreading in the woods near Lake Arrowhead, CA. Scientists had nearly discovered a vaccine, when control was lost and the zombies took over. Time is running out – we need you to storm the mountain and reclaim the antidote before the infection spreads…

An immersive and interactive overnight experience in a frighteningly isolated mountain location. Complete essential zombie survival training and attempt a series of adrenaline-inducing mental and physical group challenges such as panic rooms, obstacle courses, mazes and much more. Nightmarish zombies will be roaming the surrounding woods in the darkness – stalking your every move. Do you have what it takes to survive the night?

Participants will be placed in groups of 12-16 and will approach a series of six to eight trainings and challenges with that team. The challenges will be mental, physical and hands-on in nature, such as panic rooms, obstacle courses and mazes. Nightmarish zombies may be loose wandering through the forest around you. Further details regarding exact activities and what to do in case of a zombie encounter will be revealed upon arrival.

You’ll be fighting the outbreak at the source – a secret facility located in the San Bernardino mountains, about 90 minutes from Los Angeles.

  • Info:  http://www.panicmountain.com/
    • Fri-Sun, October 2 – November 1, 2015  EarlyBird
      • Arrive  by 7:30.  Main event runs until aprox 10:30.  After-party. Overnight.
    • Pali Mountain
      • 30778 CA 18?  Running Springs
      • About 90 minutes from LA, see map on site.
    • Tickets MUST be pre-purchased
      • Basic overnight ticket w/ meals: $149, couple and group discounts, VIP options
      • Just the event ticket: $49.  Zip line: $40.  (Note some packages include the zip line.)
      • Most options include meals and overnight stay
      • Select options on website for accommodations and extras.
      • Also an option to buy a ticket for the zip-line at time of purchase
      • Parking is $10 per vehicle, or free if 2 or more ticket holders carpool.
    • Positively NO CIGARETTES since location is in a high-fire danger area.
    • See website for what you need to wear to play safely in the mountains at night as you try to survive zombies (and paintball).  Also see requirements of what you need to bring for your overnight stay.
      • Participants must have a full range of motion, including the ability to walk, run, jump, climb and crawl.
    • Ages 16 and up
      • Minors under 18 years of age must have written parental consent and be accompanied by an adult.

Human Roast House

??? It’s not just a haunted house. It’s Austin Reed Trebbe’s house. Scream. No one can hear.

Pro haunted house sponsored by the Riverside Arts council. Haunting since 2011.

  • Info: http://www.humanroasthouse.com/
    • October 5-7, 11-14, 18-21, 25-28, 31, 2012
    • 7-11pm
    • Downtown Riverside, Corner of University & Main
    • Tickets start at $10
    • Not recommended for young children

Nightmare – a Haunted Attraction at the Fair

Zombies quietly stalk you the moment you arrive at Fairplex. “The Bride of the Pitchfork” doesn’t know what she’s getting into. Stay away from the pitchfork because he takes the marriage vows very seriously – especially the death part. Run for your life at “Cleopatra’s Tomb” because the mummy wants your soul. “Transylvania Terror” awaits – vampires and werewolves, beware the full moon. Stumble onto “Skull Island” and watch out for Captain Bloody Bill’s crew.

Haunting since 2009

Info: http://www.fairplex.com/fp/eventscalendar/nightmare/index.html or
Pomona Fairplex – the Big Red Barn.
1101 W. McKinley Ave. in Pomona just off the 10 Fwy. at Fairplex Dr.
Fridays-Saturdays, plus Halloween weekend., October 14-15, 21-22, and 28-31, 2011
7 – 11 p.m.
Admission: $15. group rates available
NOT recommended for children under 13.
No costumes on guests


Alien Infestation

This traditional back-yard haunt takes guests through a backyard maze filled with various sci-fi sets, props, and effects where guests will encounter mutated creatures of all shapes and sizes. These creatures may leap out in unexpected places to startle passing guests. Though some blood will be present, the amount of gore is kept to a minimum. The sci-fi themed event that utilize years of experience in creating effects in the film and television industry. creating a unique Halloween event to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Long time haunter, Haunting his backyard since 2007. Formally The Bayou of Blood .
Info: www.alieninfestation.com
Fri-Sun, October 29-31, 2010 – 7-10pm
2734 Annapolis Circle, San Bernardino
Light gore, but there are still a number of startling surprises that may be too much for some children