Halloween Harvest Festivals in Los Angeles

Street Fairs, Carnivals & Festivals

Here we’ve got a smorgasbord of wild Halloween Harvest Festivals in Los Angeles, Halloween Carnivals, family pumpkin harvest festivals, autumn  celebrations and an eclectic set of Halloween contests throughout the Los Angeles area. Plenty of places to play in costume and experience the diversity of Halloween in LA. Hollywood has taught us all how to party… and thousands hit the local streets to strut their sequins. We’re listing everything from the big parties to the local Halloween events.

New for 2017, we’re splitting the Festivals up by area.  Support your city by contacting us and letting us know what your city is doing.

Note:  Cities often don’t update their on-line calendars until the last minute.  Check your local papers and your Parks and Recreations brochures for more fun Halloween things to do.

Index of Halloween Harvest Festivals in Los Angeles

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Broken out by area for you.  However, Spooky Cat suggests you be brave for Halloween and explore outside  your own local area.  All the large and multi-week events are on the outskirts.

Looking for more than just Halloween Harvest Festivals in Los Angeles?  Don’t stop at just the basic Harvest Festivals…

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