Halloween Club Events

Frightful Modern Halloween Club Parties in Los Angeles

Celebrate Halloween with Los Angeles Halloween Club Parties – LA goes crazy at Halloween with the largest, the most outlandish, the spookiest parties you can imagine.  They create haunting venues and wild acts all set to music where you can dance the night away.  Most clubs listed here are on the west side of LA.  For your Halloween dancing pleasure, da Cat has selected a wide range of club styles. Please check sites for costume and style info. If you get into something too wild, don’t say we didn’t warn you. At the bottom of this page are more places to find out about clubs.

Find an eclectic mix of non-club quieter parties <here>

** Warning, clubs on this page are adult clubs. Many are over 21 and therefore links on this page are meant for 21 and over. Proceed at your own risk.

Most of the Halloween dance club info doesn’t come out until the last minute. Last year’s info is listed to give you an idea of this year. Check update flags and their web sites for the latest.

Check with your regular club to see what they have planned. Many have costume contests that never make the newspaper. On the other hand, if you don’t normally hit the modern club scene, Halloween is a fun night to to see LA in all it’s flavors.


Everyone bring your ID. Costumes make it hard to tell your age. If you can’t prove 21+ you won’t be able to drink anywhere, and won’t be able to get into a lot of the clubs, period. Please check the costume requirements for each event. Some it’s required, some it’s forbidden, so plan your evenings to match dress styles.

Halloween Weekend – Hardcore Clubs

Hollywood & Los Angeles Area

King Tut’s Tomb @ the Egyptian Theatre

2017 Update Every Halloween in Los Angeles at the World Famous Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre Courtyard, King Tut’s Tomb comes alive! with Mummies, Pharaohs, Cleopatra’s, Egyptian gods and goddesses, and more…

3 rooms, 2 dance floors with a stage, huge outside heated courtyard with Headlining DJ and bars, Haunted Pyramid Dance Room.  Amazing lighting effects, laser show, big-screen projectors.  Sexy GO-GO dancers… and, much, much more!  3 DJ’s rocking’ the house with the best in House, EDM, Deep House, Top-40, Club Mix.  Partying since 2009.

  • Info:  http://ournightlife.com/king-tuts-tomb  or  http://kingtutshalloween.com/
    • Saturday, October 28, 2017 – 9pm
    • Egyptian Theatre
      • 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood
      • Enter @ 1625  N. Las Palmas Entrance ONLY – Hollywood Blvd Entrance will be close
    • Tickets: $20 early bird on up.  Group rates. VIP.  See web for more options.  Sells out.
      • 21+
    • Costumes strongly recommended.  Egyptian theme preferred. Costume contest. 
  • More Los Angeles Halloween Club parties from Our Night Life

Bar Sinister

2017 UpdateParties from the folks that have been giving LA a weekly Saturday goth party weekly for more than 25 years. Industrial and alternative music, live performances, play rooms, 4 full bars, specialty drinks including Absinthe. Join them for dark decadence and alternate pleasures. Purgatory – Public playrooms for professional players.

  • They’ve got big plans all October Saturday nights. (See the entry just beneath this for their Halloween Ball.) 
    • Sat, Oct 7, 2017 – Bar Sinister Birthday Bash
    • Sat, Oct 14, 2017Endless Night: L.A. Vampire Salon – Autumn Dreams (discount flyer available on fb)
      •   Event Detail
        • The Main Stage will be literally transformed into a VAMPIRE SALON! Father Sebastian will be on the stage molding & creating CUSTOM FANGS for YOU! Vampire-VIPs and Devilish-Dancers will be on-stage as well to add deadly-decadence to this special evening! Autumn Dreams “a preparty for the Los Angles Vampire Ball 2018 and New Orleans Vampire Ball 2017” events. http://www.endlessnight.com/
    • Sat, Oct 21 – Vain Machine  (discount flyer  on fb)
    • October 28 2017  –  Ghostly Halloween Ball (see next event)


  • Info: http://www.barsinister.net/, 323-462-1934 or Facebook 
    • Boardner’s
      • Down the candle-lit alley at 1652 N. Cherokee Ave., Hollywood. (Just south of Hollywood Blvd. and 3 blocks east of Highland)
    • only Saturday nights, 9:30 – 3am
    • $10 presale $15, at the door, out-of-dress-code cover $20,  Special Ball priced differently
    • Ages: +18
    • Dress code: Gothic-Gaultier-Chic, Alternative/Upscale Black, Fab~Fetish or Futuristic Attire.  We STRONGLY Encourage You to come Dressed in Your Best Fetish Elements: Latex, Leather, Lace, Silk, Rubber!

Check their web site for more information on the costume contests and what to expect. Players, not loooki looes.

Bar Sinister’s Ghostly Halloween Ball

2017 Update ANNUAL GHOSTLY HALLOWEEN BALL w/ SKOLD.   The Entire Venue will be FULLY DECORATED for YOUR Haunted Playground with 4 Full Bars, Pony Go-Gos, Fetish Models & Sexy Slaves! Fetish Play Areas in the main Boardners bar area & Purgatory Pleasures Upstairs in the Loft pleasures performances.  SINISTER GO GO GIRLS!

  • Info: http://www.barsinister.net/ or 323-462-1934 or facebook event details
    • Saturday, October 28, 2017 – 10pm – 3:30am
    • Bar Sinister / Boardner’s
      • 1652 N. Cherokee Ave., Hollywood. (Just south of Hollywood Blvd. and 3 blocks east of Highland)
    • Ages: 18+.
    • $20 presale, event will sell out /$30 at door, if available / Special VIP area and performances
      • discount coupons accepted for general admin
      • VIP available
    • Early arrival suggested
    • Costumes? Fabulously Fetish, Erotically & Decadently Dead, Gothic-Gaultier-Chic, Alternative/Upscale Black, Fab~Fetish or Futuristic Attire but all costumes are welcome!!

The Edison presents…

2017 Update Be prepared to experience the Unique, the Unusual and the Wondrous as The Edison Resurrects the Dark Spirit of Halloween Past. With an extraordinary selection of Attractions Diaboliques featuring Apparitions and Gifted Eccentriques from across the Globe. Do not miss your opportunity to experience a legendary night beneath the ground in the fires of eternity. The evening will be filled with a cast of many talented artist, including stilt walkers, tarot, dancers and more!   Party in your Steampunk best at the converted power station that blends the past with the future.

Win big prizes for the Best Original, Humorous or Ghoulish Costume. Prizes include Edison gift certificates and surprises. Contortionists, Aerialists, and Eccentriques!

An Evening of Magic

Take a break from reality and allow yourself to be immersed in the realm of the mystical and unknown.  The Edison and Mystiki are proud to present: An Evening of Magic — Featuring special guest magician: Handsome Jack.  Mystiki is a magician duo comprised of Simone Turkington and Elizabeth Messick who bring a unique and stylish spin to magic. Inspired by the 60’s, tiki, and the works of Benny and Bjorn, Mystiki shakes things up for a refreshing cocktail of magic and chic.

  • Wednesday, September 27th, 2017, 8:30
  • No Cover
  • 21+

The Edison presents The Urban Renewal Project!

The Urban Renewal Project is an LA based band that uses instruments of a bygone era to create a signature sound, bluing the boundaries between soul, jazz, and hi-hop.  The band features a big band horn section, a singer and a rapper who perform upbeat originals and fresh interpretations of everything from jazz standards to recent hits.

  • Tuesday, October 31, 2017 / 8 pm
  • Tickets on line.  $25
  • This is a costume ball, so come celebrate your inner ghoul.


Angles and Demons – LA Hollywood Costume Ball

2017 Update There will be an amazing Giant Room.  Open Format Electronic Dance Music will be in the Heavenly Main room, and a spell of hell will be in the Demons’ VIP Room. The Angels’ clouds will also showcase some of the world’s most beautiful top models as angels, and demons will boast some of the top Adult Film-stars as debauchery devils. Partying since 1994.

  • Info: http://Ournightlife.com/hh
    • Saturday, October 28, 2017 – 9pm – 2am
    • W Hollywood Ballroom
      •  6250 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood
      • Entrance by Delphine on Hollywood
    • Tickets, $25 presale and  up / $60 / VIP available, see site.  Sells out
    • 21+
  • $5000 in cash and prizes for best costumes

LA Dead – Los Angeles Darkside – Hex Halloween

Hex Halloween  @ The Globe Theatre

2017 Update Gather round boys and ghouls…  Los Angeles’ premiere Halloween Night Costumed Massive Extravaganza is BACK with a vengeance as the creators of LADEAD // LADEAD™ (Los Angeles Darkside) and EVIL CLUB EMPIRE cordially invite you to join us.  we’re taking over a HAUNTED venue with a 1200 person capacity to bring you the Deadliest Darkside DJs across THREE LEVELS featuring state of the art lighting and sound, an intense two-story LED wall, chilling A/C, themed visuals and effects, multiple bars, absinthe, TWO smoking and drinking patios of vice, haunting performances, special guests, and fine photographers in all of Los Angeles granting immortality through the lens. 

Enter the grand ballroom to an anachronistic nightmare of blood and bronze where the timeless are haunted by the neverwas and neverwhen, and transmute a post-modern catalysis of INDUSTRIAL • EBM • ELECTRO • SYNTHPOP • AGGROTECH • TECHNO sonic alchemy and exorcism~ Sexy go-go dancers, projections, candid club photography.

Enter the basement catacombs – “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here…” Within the shadowy depths of our hollow caverns you will discover a realm where all our dearly departed come to for their dance of death to a preternatural mix of DARKWAVE • GOTH • DARK INDIE • POST PUNK • DARK 80s • SYNTH ritual noise~

Enter the graveyard – “Send…more…paramedics...” It gives us great pleasure to announce the presence of DISKO.NEKRO’s PUNKROCK PATIO featuring the darkest DEATHROCK • PUNKROCK • ROCK’N’ROLL • POST-PUNK • GOTHIC ROCK for the tallest deathhawks.

In the basement Scare room – “We all float down here, and you will, too…” Crawl into hidden depths unseen to a space once used in the filming of Rob Zombie’s Dragula. We’ve recreate an immersive experience for those brave enough to enter the bowls of this haunted venue~  Darkly partying since 2005.

  • Info: https://www.facebook.com/ladead  or  facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ladead/ or   or  http://www.ladead.com/   or event detail
    • Tuesday, October 31, 2017
      • 9pm -2am
      • More events thought-out the month
    • The Globe Theatre

      • 740 S Broadway Blvd., Downtown Los Angeles
    • Tickets: Presale starts at $ 15  / VIP available with their own special rooms
    • Ages 21+
    • Dress to Kill, dress to Die for.  Costume required. ($10 penalty at door)

Halloweenie – GMCLA New Event

2017 Update  The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles presents Halloweenie.  Join us for a night of costumed revelry, libations* and spooky dance music.  This year’s party takes place at one of Masterbeat’s favorite venues, the Belasco Theater. Ghouls, goblins, zombies and more come out to celebrate this benefit for GMCLA.   Multiple bars, world renowned DJ’s, feverish dancing, celebs, killer photo opps, VIP areas, private cabanas and more.  Partying since 2005.

Halloweenie Afterhours! – Our Mayhem afterhours is right next door at our exclusive home at the Mayan.

Couture Halloween

2017 Update For three days — This year, Couture is hosting a set of amazing Halloween parties.  Partying since 2015.

Monster Ball

“I’m a housecat Halloween Gangsta!”  Put on your sexiest or scariest Monster Costumes and make your way to this Boisterous Bash to experience a great atmosphere with amazing music.   Sexy Costumes.  Amazing DJs. Halloween Madness.

Club Zomebie Halloween Party

Club Zombie Bash!  Grand Opening of Volume. Come dressed in your best Zombie self and experience a flesh eating atmosphere with dope music.  Sexy Costumes.  Amazing DJs. Halloween Madness.

DanceHall-oween Night

Reggae Vibes create a good dance tribe, come turn up the fire with that Pum Pum music and your best Halloween costume.  Come dance the night away: Hip Hop, Reggae, DanceHall. Soca.


W Halloween Rooftop Hollywood New Event

2017 Update 2 Areas to Mingle, Loft & Wet Deck, State of the Art Sound & Lighting

W Halloween Rooftop Hollywood

Prepare for a great Halloween thrill at the Haunted W Rooftop Halloween party. Don’t miss out on the thumping jams, spooktacular views, and bone chilling cocktails. Hit the dance floor, enjoy the company of your friends, and soak in the city views at the W Hollywood Rooftop.  3 top DJs playing house and top 40 hits, 2 areas to mingle, state of the art sound/lighting, haunting decor, amazing views, spectacular bottle service and group rates, complimentary party favors (while supplies last), and more!!  Parting since 2015.

  • Info:  Event Detail
    • Saturday, October 28, 2017, 9-2pm
    • Tickets : $25 up presale / $ 89 / VIP available
      • 21+
    • Costumes Encouraged.

W Masquerade WHollywood Halloween

Grab your masks and get ready for a magical Halloween night at the gorgeous W Hollywood Rooftop. Enjoy three of L.A.’s top DJs playing some of the biggest hits while you dance and mingle. There will be haunting decor plus incredible bottle service and group rates as well.  3 Top DJs, House and Top 40 Music, 2 Areas to Mingle, Loft & Wet Deck, State of the Art Sound & Lighting, Haunting Decor.
Complimentary Party Favors for early arrivals

  • Info:  Event Detail
    • Tuesday, October 31, 2017
    • Tickets: $25 -$50 / VIP
      • 21+
    • Masks preferred, costumes optional.


Le Jardin Los Angeles New Event

2017 Update An exclusive destination for Hollywood’s creme de la creme.  The new outdoor lounge will transport the charm and romanticism of Southern France to Los Angeles.  State of the art Sound and LED Lighting Systems, three rooms, huge dance floor with stage, three professionally fully stocked bars,outdoor smoking patio with bar.

Le Jardin Los Angeles Halloween

Sin your way through Le Jardin in LA. This French inspired playground features incredible VIP party packages with reserved seating. Dress in your scary or sexy best, grab your boo [and or your crew] and head to this year’s wickedly wild Halloweekend kick off at Le Jardin!!!

  • Info: Event Detail or (310) 749-9029
    • Friday, October 27, 2917
      • 10-2am
    • Tickets: $20-40
    • Costumes Encouraged

Hollywood Monster Night

The entertainment begins with top Hollywood DJ’s spinning the best in House, Hip-Hop, Top-40s, and Mashup hits all night long. Come enjoy the mind-blowing atmosphere, sexy Go-Go dancers, beautiful people, incredible vibe, and a great Halloween costume contest. Prizes will be awarded for the scariest, sexiest, and best overall costume of the night.  All winners will receive prizes! Prepare for a phenomenal Halloween party!

Incredible light and laser show.    Four DJ’s rocking the house with House, EDM, Mashups, Top-40’s, and Hip-Hop  Partying since 2009.


Bootsy Bellows Halloween New Event

2017 Update The ever glamorous LA hot spot, Bootsy Bellows, will be hosting a Halloween party every L.A. socialite will be dying to attend, at 10:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.  This must-attend party will feature a plethora of amenities  and surprises that will definitely scare and astonish. Come dressed in your scary or sexy best costume to this Halloween celebrity favorite costume party on the Sunset Strip!!!Bootsy is a high-end dance club decorated with glistening disco balls and chandeliers overhead, plush wall lining surrounding the perimeter, a capacious dance floor, and more.

  • Info:  Event Detail
    • Saturday, October 28, 2017 / 10-2am
    • Bootsy Bellows
      • 9229 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood
    • Tickets:
      • 21+
    • Costumes Encouraged

Official Maxim Halloween Party

2017 Update The Official Maxim Halloween Party will be at a private estate in Beverly Hills, California. At The Official Maxim Halloween Party you can expect hair-raising, elaborate haunted theme décor to scare and excite you at every turn. Hollywood’s best set and production designers create multiple graveyards, frightening haunted vignettes, dozens of scare actors and themed performers, experiential production, immersive lighting & sound, a headlining music artist, mini shows, and of course the world’s sexiest costumed people!

Expect A-List Celebrities, Actors, VIPs and Tastemakers. It is a combination of adult dress-up sexiness and over the top production.  Adults only Halloween bash. VIP Exclusives wishes to provide you with the highest level of personal service. We include a personal VIP Host for all the events that we offer. Our goal is to make sure that your Halloween party experience exceeds your expectations.  (This appears to replace the Playboy Mansion party.)

  • Info:  http://vipexclusives.com/      or    Event detail   or   1.877.VIP.MANSION to book tickets
    • Saturday,  October 21, 2017, 8-5am 
    • at a Private Estate in Beverly Hills
    • Tickets: ???   (includes admission, parking, shuttle to the mansion, dinner, bar, etc)
    • 21+
    • Costume mandatory

Mrs. Fish Presents “Studio 448” 70’s Halloween Ball

Dark for 2016

Mrs. Fish Presents “Studio 448” Halloween Ball! Featuring two live sets of 1970’s themed music by “Crystal Starr & the Bowties” with DJ Phatrick spinning 70’s era disco/funk. Dance all night in your most creative 70’s costume to win a cash prize and have your picture taken by our roaming black and white photographer.

  • Info:   Facebook    or   Event Details     or  213-873-4444
    • Saturday, October 31, 2015 –  7pm-2am
    • Mrs. Fish
      • 448 S Hill St. Los Angeles
    • No Cover
    • 21+
    • Costumes encouraged.  1970’s suggested.

Boulevard3 – Mayhem Manor

2017 Update This Halloween, BOULEVARD3  invites you to party in the Mayhem Manor!

Available for VIP service. Complete and Utter PANDEMONIUM is guaranteed!!!   Upscale club.  1500 sf dance floor.

Halloween @ Avalon

2017 Update Avalon stands as one of the few on the Hollywood Pinnacle of Nightclubs! Famous throughout for its highly technical sound and light system, and its exquisite decor and unmatched concert feel, it is a revelation to its party goers upon entrance. With an immense space that holds over 1500+ ppl in and around 4 distinct rooms, it is an ultimate dance club and now home to SoCals finest collegiate crowd!   Partying since 2011.

Mayhem Hollywood / Haunt Massive

A “Spooktacular” music even!  We will will transform the World Famous Avalon, Hollywood into a themed, haunted world beyond your imagination.
Featuring 4 Themed Areas: The Graveyard | Cell Block | Death Trap | Haunted House

Halloween Special: Dirty South / Randy Seidman

  • Info:  Event Detail
    • Saturday, October 28, 2017 / 10pm
    • $25 up presale / express options
    • 21+


The honorable men of Beta Gama Nu present: Ghouls and Greeks.


Nightmare at Lure – Lure Hollywood  New Event

2017 Update This Halloween, L.A.’s mischievous are taking to Hollywood for a high velocity spooktacular Nightmare at Lure Nightclub.  Slip into something scary, sporty or posh and raise hell with notorious partiers at the best Halloween party in La La Land.  Top DJs will set the night on fire with 50,000 watts of heart-stopping sounds. Ultra opulent elevated booths set the stage for a thrilling VIP experience while lasers and lighting provide a sensual feast befitting the ultimate Nightmare At Lure. Get ready for a haunting evening full of devilish drinks and dancing to EDM and Hip Hop music.

Playhouse New Event

2017 Update Celebrity-friendly luxury club with eclectic DJs, a vast dance floor & a party atmosphere.  10,500 sq ft.  Main room, an upstairs lounge, restaurant with 5 total bars

Playhouse Hollywood Halloween

They don’t call it a PLAYHOUSE for nothing! Revel in Halloween with a BANG!! Playhouse transforms into a haunted Halloween wonderland of ghoulish good times. This LA hot spot promises to deliver the ultimate Halloween indulgence. Celebrate the wickedest weekend of the year and revel in Halloween with a bang as Playhouse transforms into a haunted wonderland of ghoulishly good times. This event guarantees to deliver the ultimate in Halloween indulgence; tricked out with treats, sick diabolical DJ beats and visuals to drive you absolutely insane with pleasure.  Decor, multi dance floors, sexy costumed revelers, and more… A small preview of what awaits your arrival at this year’s Playhouse Halloween.

  • Info:  Event Detail
    • Saturday, October 28, 2017 – 10-3am
    • Tickets:
    • Costume Mandatory

Playhouse Halloween – House of Horrors

Playhouse will be completely transformed into a Killer House!  Two Levels of Terrifying Danger! Every step inside will be Horrific!  Join naughy LA party-goers for a great Halloween indulgence on the Walk of Fame!!!  Playhouse features both upper and lower level dance floor, DJs, and top performers.  All under one roof to make Playhouse a fantastical, fun-filled Halloween night out on the town.

  • Info:  Event Detail
    • Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 10-3am
    • Tickets $25

      • 21+
    • Costumes Encouraged / Not Required


 Whiskey a GoGo – Halloween Party

 2017 Update Hard rock partying for Halloween.

Check out their site for the list of groups playing other nights..

Halloween on the Strip – The Genitorturers / Vile a Sin / Not My Master

  • Tuesday, October 31, 2017 / 7pm
    • More Halloween madness all weekend, see site
  • $20 / All ages
  • Costume Contest

Special Events tickets can be purchased in advance, else buy ticket on the night of the event.

The Argyle Hollywood Halloween Night

2017 UpdateThree levels, 8900 Square Feet. start-of-the art sound/light systems. Two full bars.

  • Info:  Event Detail
    • Tuesday, October 31, 2017
    • The Argyle
      • 1600 Argyle Ave, Los Angeles
    • Tickets: $20 presale / $50 at door

Minimal Effort – Downtown LA Halloween  New Event

2017 Update This year, Minimal Effort LA | Halloween takes LA into a devilish night of quality techno and house music with some of the underground’s most iconic talent. Claptone / MK / Damian Lazarus / Dusky / Brodinski / Lee Burridge / Amine Edge & DANCE / Behrouz / Human Resources / Adam Auburn / Bones / Matt Ossentjuk at Enox events located in Downtown LA / Outdoor and indoor / Day into night. Sprawling layout complete with lounges and bars / a massive indoor factory dance floor coupled with an outdoor stage area adorned with a snapshot of inner-city culture complete with train tracks, graffiti, & night sky overhead.

  • Info:   Event Detail
    • Saturday, October 28, 2017
      • 6pm to 2am
    • Enox Events
      • 4560 Worth St, Los Angeles
    • Tickets: $74 and up / VIP available
      • 21+
    • Costumes encouraged

KCRW Masquerade and Costume Ball

2017 Update CRW’s Masquerade Ball returns to the stunning and iconic MacArthur in DTLA. KCRW’s Masquerade Ball is a feast for the senses, a glamorous and gritty mash-up of eccentricity, spanning multiple ballrooms, and featuring DJs, bands, special musical guests, performance artists, belly-dancing flappers, high-flying luchadores, and much more! Parting since 2009.

1 OAK  New Event

2017 Update Dress in your scary or sexy best, grab your friends, and head to a ho LA top club on Sunset Strip. Revel in Halloween at its Ooh La La Land finest. Pass thru 1OAK’s velvet ropes for a night of hellfire energy, sinful escapade and naughty masquerade.

  • Info:  Event Detail
    • Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 10-2am
    • 1 OAK
      • 9039 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood
    • Tickets:
      • 21+
    • costumes mandatory

Beach Areas & Catalina

Pier Pressure Long Beach Halloween Cruise – Haunted Black Pearl

2017 Update The only way to catch the true spirit of Southern California is to embark on the Pier Pressure™ cruise. Let loose, and set sail into the gorgeous Southern California sun aboard the 400 person, Catalina King Yacht.  Bring your significant, and/or your entourage of friends and create the ultimate experience that no club, hotel, or land entity could possibly offer.

Breathtaking views of the Long Beach Skyline, Harbor, Sunset & more…  5 of SoCal’s DJs on 2 Floors with 3 dance areas playing the hits of today with House & Top 40 Hip-Hop.  Cruising since 2012.

  • Info:  http://halloweenla.com/ or Event Detail
    • Saturday, October 28, 2017
      • Check in 9pm, boarding 9:30 /  Cruise 10pm-1am
    • Catalina King  Yacht
      • 1046 Queens Hwy, Long Beach
      • Parking is available in Queen Mary Lot.
      • (parking LOT avail by Broadway & Harbor and Ash & Harbor)
    • Tickets start at $40 / VIP available / Sells out fast.
    • 21+
    • Costume Required

See more beach city parties in Orange Country  city list

San Fernando Valley

NoHo Monster Bash – 80’s Horror    New Event

2017 Update Welcome to  Halloween Partying in the Valley, especially North Hollywood! We were tired of having to drive 2 hours just to get to a party downtown, only to find out that the place is packed and it’s just like any other club night. We wanted a party that always had something interesting going on, had lots of great eye candy, had a great dance floor, and was fun from the moment you get in to the last moment you left. We want a party that is put on by people that love Halloween! So, here it is, the NoHo Monster Bash. We will have events going on every 30 minutes on the main stage that will dazzle and entertain you! The space is setup for lots of dancing, and we have two fully stocked bars for all of your libation needs!  Costume Contests!

We have a DJ playing the best music all night! Every 30 minutes we also have an act perform, so, get ready to dance and enjoy the night!  Theme is 80’s Horror Flicks and we will have Freddy, Jason, Scooby and his gang and multiple others all there!  We play Top 40, Hip Hop, and a bunch of different styles. It is all dance music. Basically, anything that gets you dancing is what is played.

California Institute of Abnormalarts Hardcore Halloween

Not for 2017

The CIA a multi dimensional arts venue and circus sideshow museum specializing in the best of the underground in both live theatre and film. circus sideshow museum, with twoheaded babies, the mummy of alligator bou, the body of a dead clown from 1912, the remains of a dead fairy from Cornwall England, the arm of Claude De Lorraine as featured on Ripley’s Believe it or Not, the skull of the smallest Freemason and many other sideshow attractions displayed in honor in memory of sideshows gone by and all of their mystery. There is an outdoor art gallery and film theater, a main stage with live music and magic and puppetry etc.

Check their calendar for other Halloween flavored events. Follow the links for more details. Below is just a quick list of some of the main shows.


Karaoke! Entertainment! Freak shows! Drinks! Scaryaoke is the GO TO karaoke night.

Tales from the Strypt

Chills!  Thrills!  Sideshows, burlesque, raffles, vendors.  Special tour of the C.I.A. at 9pm

  • Info:   https://www.facebook.com/CIAbnormalarts    or    Facebook detail
    • Saturday, October 25, 2014 – 9pm 


Howl at the Moon’s HOWL-O-WEEN Bash!

2017 Update It’s CREEPING up on us! Come have a ghoulish time at Howl at the Moon this Halloween! Our annual party is happening on October 27th. Come in and sip on some Angry Orchards or try our Agent Orange Buckets! Plus there will be a costume contest with cash and prizes. Click the link to win your own Happy Hour party. See you crazy monsters soon!Get ready to BOO-gie the night away!

  • Info:   http://www.howlatthemoon.com/hollywood/   or facebook or   Event Detail  or (818) 755-9970
    • Friday, October 27, 2017 6:00 pm -2am
    • Howl at the Moon
      • 1000 Universal Studios Blvd. Universal City
    • 21 +
    • $300 Costume Contest. Masks are not allowed. Costumes must fall within regular dress code standards. Be creative, (See website for dress code)

Halloween With High Standards: A Sexy Masquerade  New Event

Experience Halloween lifted in a sexy and exclusive vibe, away from the parades and the Hollywood club scene.  Expect to dance and vibe out with DJ curated music, live talent and musical performers. Light bites and great company will be abundant. And of course, enjoy trying the array of cannabis brands & products available for sampling. There will be plenty of areas to sit and lounge.  Access to the cannabis tasting, light bites (these are not dinner portions), snack bar, beverages, discovery stations, and music. If you bought a VIP ticket, you get a gift bag.

  • Info:  Event Detail
    • Saturday, October 28, 2017, 8-midnight
    • In Highland Park area, location to be e-mailed
    • Tickets: $79 up / VIP available
    • Come dressed to impress in your best and sexiest attire.  Costume Contest.

Orange County, Riverside & San Bernardino

HEX – Orange County New Event

Sinister Pointe’s Immersive Costumed Affair!

2017 Update You’re invited to raise a glass to the occult and join the coven as the eSports Arena will be transformed into ‘HEX’; the most twisted, Immersive, Halloween gala outside of Salem.  This unique costume party will feature heart-pounding live entertainment, interactive mischief, and devilish delights all wrapped into a wicked décor which will leave you with nightmarish visions.  3 Themed Bars.  Create your own devilish cocktails. Live entertainment.

If you dare, venture through our gypsy encampment and visit one of our oracles to uncover your final fate. Perhaps our snake enchantress will relieve your worry and charm you into submission with her boa constrictor, Monty Python. Among other surprise acts, who knows what the divine powers will unearth.

Dress devilishly, as this is a costume party after all, and get ready to paint the town dead.

  • Info: www.SinisterPointe.com  or facebook
    • Friday-Saturday, October 27-28, 2017 – 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM
    • eSports Arena
      • 120 W. 5th St, Santa Ana
    • Tickets: $50 per night / VIP packages available
    • “The Bewitching Hour” – $500.00 Costume Contest

Haunted Heat Halloween

2017 Update Join us at the Heat Nightclub this Halloween.  Orange County’s thrilling costume party!  Decorations like  no other with 3 different areas of horror: The Tunnel Of Terror, The Slaughter House, The Spiders Den.

  • Info:  http://heatoc.com   or Calendar  or Event Detail
    • October20-21, 27-28, Halloween, 2017 – 9L30
      • Fridays, Saturdays & Halloween Tuesday
    • Heat Ultra Lounge
      • Anaheim Gardenwalk, 321 W Katella Ave, Anaheim
    • Tickets: See venue for details.  Register for guest list for free admission on some nights.
      • 2nd weekend  3 day passes, $30.  Halloween: $10
      • 21+

The Haunted OC Hotel – Halloween Party & Costume Ball

2 Floors & Rooms of Music.| 4 Areas to Mingle. 4 DJs playing House & Top 40 Hits.  From the Creators of Midnight Kiss NYE, get your thrill on this Halloween at the magnificent Haunted Hotel!

  • Info:   or Event Detail
    • Saturday, October 31, 2015 9-2
    • Avenue of the Arts Wyndham Hotel
      • 3350 Avenue of the Arts, Costa Mesa
    • Tickets: $20 presale / VIP available
    • 21 +


More Orange County Halloween: http://www.orangecounty.net/html/weekend_halloween.html

Special Concerts & Performances

Music Festivals

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival – Los Angeles

2017 Update Hip hop music festival featuring 2 days of music from well know artists.  Multi-day wrist band includes free carnival admission and rides including a Ferris wheel.  Since 2012.

  • Info:  https://campfloggnaw.com/
    • Saturday – Sunday,  October 28 – 29, 2017
      • opens Noon both days / rain or shine
    • Exposition Park
      • 700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles
    • Festival Tickets:
      • 2-day – $208 / VIP available / Both include free admission to the carnival and rides.  Sells out early
      • 1-day – $65 / carnival admission purchased separately
      • All ages, 5 and under free.
    • Costumes allowed – No masks or weapons, even toy one.  See website for more limitations

Escape from WonderlandSan Bernardino

2017 UpdateThis Halloween, Insomniac presents our signature, fully immerse audiovisual festival experience, but transformed into a Wonderland gone MAD! Two dark nights of tricks and treats, four domains of beastly beats. Specters roam this ghostly place of deathly drops and devilish bass. Lose yourself in lights ablaze and journey through a haunted maze.  Experience the haunted world of Halloween, Insomniac-style.  Ghoulish creatures and devilish dancers beckon from behind dark corners, and a wrong turn could land you in our custom-built Haunted House! This bone-chilling adventure will be full of eerie art installations, pyrotechnics, and other terrors.

Creating, curating and displaying interactive art pieces for our festival environments is a key part of what makes an Insomniac event so unique. We are constantly looking for new and emerging artists with innovative ideas that will add to the wonder of the landscape. Decked out in specially crafted costumes, makeup and props, our theatrical performers push the boundaries of imagination while dangling from the sky, spinning onstage, starting an impromptu dance party, or just scaring the bajeezus out of you.

  • Info: www.escapefromwonderland.com
    • Friday-Saturday – October 27-28, 2017
      • 3pm -2am  / rain or shine
    • NOS Events Center
      • 689 S. E Street, San Bernardino
    • Tickets: $112.50 on up.  Multi-day pack and VIP available
    • 18+   / VIP 21+
    • No masks or face obscuring makeup.  Festive costumes encouraged!


 Concerts – see Theater

If you know of something else … drop us a line at spookycat@alleycatscratch.com . Submission detail

More Club events

If you’re looking for more sedate style Halloween celebrations, check out the Halloween events on our Halloween Party tab.

Looking for more club events, especially on the west side? Check out…


Da Graveyard

These are events I can find no current information on… I’ll keep info here for a year or two just in case they pop back to life. Please update me if you know.

Haunted Blood Vessel – Marina Del Rey

Halloween Luxury Yacht Party!  Prepare for the ultimate party cruise on the magnificent and most luxurious yacht in the Marina Del Rey Harbor, as the Entertainer turns into the Haunted Blood Vessel. With 2 of Southern California’s hottest DJs performing live on 3 decks to rock this boat with the best club mixes.   Check out some of the most gorgeous views along the Marina Del Rey Harbor.  Cruising since 2012.

  • Info:  http://halloweenla.com/   or Event Detail
    • Saturday, October 29, 2016
      • Check-in: 8:30 / board 9pm / Cruise 9:30-12:30am
    • Board at 13755 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey
    • Tickets: presale: $40 up / VIP / Sells out
    • 21+
    • Costumes preferred, but not required

The Boat of Horrors @ The Grand Romance Riverboat – Halloween Costume Party

Party and Enjoy the Festivities as we embark on a Terrifying cruise through the ocean!   3 scary levels of entertainment with SoCals best DJs. Hookah and Fully Stocked Bar available.

  • Info:  http://grandromance.com/  or Event Detail
    • Friday, October 21, 2016
      • Boarding starts at 9pm / Departs at 11pm / Returns at 2am
    • The Grand Romance Riverboat
      • 200 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802
      • (behind the Chillis at The Pike)
    • Dress Code: Nightclub Attire or Costume Preferred
    • 21+

Nightmare on Main Street | 31ten Lounge

??? If you head down to Main Street, Santa Monica this Halloween, you’ll have to check out the 31ten’s Nightmare where you’ll see the Ultimate Halloween Bash Every Year in Santa Monica.  Mad Max go-go- dancers.  Top 40 open format, EDM DJs.

  • Info: Http://ournightlife.com/santa-monica-halloween  or (purchase tickets)
    • Friday, October 31st, 2014| 6pm – 2am
    • 31ten Lounge
      • 3110 Main Street, Santa Monica
    • Tickets start at $30 / Event Sells Out. Purchase in Advance.
    • Costume Required to enter | MAD Max & Horror Film Characters encouraged. 

Vendetta Masquerade – V Lounge

Halloween on the West Side would not be the same without a Masquerade.  V Lounge is always know for it’s high energy parties, but the Vendetta Masquerade is probably it’s best one of the year. Open Format: House, Top 40, Hip-hop music, costume contests, spooky decor, complimentary masks in case you forgot yours at home, and more…

  • Info:  http://ournightlife.com/la-halloween-events  or (purchase tickets)
    • Saturday October 26, 2013 | 6pm – 2am
    • V Lounge
      • 2020 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica
    • Tickets start at $15 for General Admission
      • Event Sells Out. Purchase in Advance.
    •  Costume Required

 Hard Day of the Dead

Festival.  2 days of music.

  • info: http://www.hardfest.com/ or event detail @  http://harddayofthedead.com/
    • Saturday- Sunday, October 31 – November 1, 2015
      • 11am – 12am
    • LA Fairplex
      • 1101 W McKinley Ave, Pomona
    • Tickets: $85 for 1 day, $145 for 2 day, VIP available
      • 21+
    • Costumes are encouraged, but see website for restrictions.  No masks

      • No masks. Face Paint booths will be available inside the event for those guests that would like to wait until after entry for suitable identification

Miss Kitty’s Parlor

Trannyshack LA

Special guest Christeen.   Cabaret style entertainment, burlesque reviews and more. The entire club is opened and transformed into an erotic, living, breathing haunted house of PANSEXUAL live performance, shows, dancers, mazes, interactive sets and dirty carnival style games.

Check out their website to determine if this extreme party is for you.

Info: http://www.misskittysparlour.com/ or  https://www.facebook.com/bouletbrothers     or  Event Detail

  • Friday, October 24 2014 
  • The Dragonfly Nightclub, 6510 Santa Monica Blvd, at Wicox
  • Tickets: $20
    • Early arrival strongly suggested, see web for presale info
  • 21 and over only
  • No dress code, although outrageous erotic costumes and outfits are strongly encouraged. Costume Contest. Cash prizes.

Miss Kitty Annual Halloween Ball

Featuring The full cast of The Boulet Brothers Circus Family of Performers from Miss Kitty’s Parlour, Black Unicorn & Dragula.  With your supreme host (Master of Horror) Clive Barker

Featuring a Nightclub Haunted Mansion packed with DJs, Performance, Horror Mazes, Carnival Games, nightlife royalty and Sin.  Live Horror Shows & Stages, Haunted Hayride Lapdancers, Bobbing for Apples in Blood,  GoGo Monsters,  County Fair Games, costume competition.  Meet and greet with Clive Barker.  Partying since 2001.

  • Info:   https://www.facebook.com/bouletbrothers  or FB Event Detail
    • Friday, October 31, 2014 – 9pm
    • The Dragonfly
      • 6510 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood
    • Tickets: $20 presale / $25  / VIP available
    • No dress code, although outrageous erotic costumes and outfits are strongly encouraged. Costume Contest. Cash prizes.

Haunted Castle Hollywood & Bang!

MyCastel Presents  a special night combining parties. Three rooms of music for one special night! Costume contest!! Giveaways for the best costumes!!! Prizes including signed artwork, and more!!! 80s+New Wave+Post Punk/Pop+Hip Hop Hits/Indie+Electro and more. Haunted horror photo booth.  Nightmare on Cherokee Ave…..Fully Decorated Venue

Haunted W Hollywood  – Spooky Hotel

The W Hollywood is putting on the ultimate Halloween party and everyone is invited. Join us – we dare you – where a mysterious underground universe lingers…Transport to a place where dancing ensues in public spaces.  W Hollywood turns into a hotel-wide haunted house, with the Station Hollywood and the Living Room playing everything from Top40 and EDM to HipHop.  Put on your most creative costume and head into Hollywood to party all night inside the W Hollywood Hotel.

  • Info:  http://www.whollywoodhalloween.com/   or
    • October 31, 2014 – 9pm til 2am
    • W Hollywood
      • 6250 Hollywood Boulevard, LA
    • Tickets: $60 / presell $40 / See web for vip.  Event sells out
      • 21+ Only
    • (Skimpy) costumes are encouraged

Annual Day of the Dead Celebration

  • Saturday, November 1, 2014 – 9pm til 2am
  • Tickets:  $40

Annual Festa

Live Brazillian Band / Performers / Dancers.  Halloween costume contest.

  • Saturday, October 25th 2014
  • Tickets: $30


 THE STUDIO’S Annual Halloween Party


Midnight In The Garden of Saints & Sinners — – Benefiting SOCAL Bulldog Rescue

Beer & Vodka Bar, Wicked Kitchen Food Truck, Photobooth, Costume Contest

Vice City Halloween @ The Vanguard


 Vice City Halloween @ Vanguard featuring DJ Vice. 20,000 sq feet of Halloween madness! 3 dance areas. Four rooms of music w/ *World-class Dj talent. Circus trapeze artist and acrobats performing all night long! Concert-style stage production, sexy go-go dancers, live laser and lighting show featuring a L.E.D. Wall. State-of-the-art Function One sound. Hip hop, top-40, Electro, funk, mash-up.

  • Info: http://www.ournightlife.com/Vanguard-Nightclub or Ticketsor 323.604.6030
    • Saturday, October 27th, 2012 – 9-3am
    • The Vanguard
      • 6021 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood,
      • E of Vine between Gower and Bronson
    • Ticket presale: $40 and up

HM157’s Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Halloween Tribute Show

  HM157 in Lincoln Heights will present its first Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Halloween Tribute Show, an over-the-top celebration of original shock-rocker Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.  The event will feature performances by some of LA’s best up and coming artists.  HM157’s unusual Victorian house and art space will be shrouded in voodoo graveyard decor. Spooky snakes as the patrons enjoy unique live renditions of songs from Screamin’ Jay’s extensive body of work. Stories will be told and our DJ  will spin outlandish oddities guaranteed to keep the mood mischievous.

South Bay Scream Halloween Party

A visual & sensory seduction in South Bay. DJs spinning sexy house, hip hop, electro, top 40 & all your favorite club & dance music, with Multiple DJ’s & Dance Floors. Costumes, themed Go-Go’s & pole dancers, performance artists & creatures, costumed Burlesque shows, special lighting effects & visuals. Bringing Hollywood & Vegas style entertainment & production value to the Beach Cities.

  • Info: http://www.maxtickets.net/or 323.378.5207 or
    • Saturday, October 27, 2012,  9:00PM – 2:00AM
    • Convention Center at the Proud Bird
      • 11022 Aviation Blvd, LA  / Just north of Manhattan Beach
    • Tickets $40 on up.  See site for VIP
    • Costumes required

Gypsy Scaravan – The One-Eyed Gypsy

The One Eyed Gypsy presents ” Gypsy Scaravan “, a Halloween extravaganza with live music, burlesque dance, tarot card readers, face painters and drink specials all night!  Venue is a haunted bar and former bordello.   Costume contest.

Also catch their Halloween night burial as when master escape artist Curtis Lovell II performs a stunt made famous by the great Houdini