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I’m a Costumer and as such Halloween is my favorite holiday.

In 2001, I had all the Haunted Houses printed out that I was going to visit. I had mapped how I could get to as many as possible during Halloween week. Then, WHAM! Really nasty pneumonia.

All these wonderfully haunting places to go, and all I could do was cough, hack and shiver… OK, and just sit at my computer. I hated doing nothing, especially when I want to be doing something else to celebrate Halloween….

So, from the humble beginnings of my little maps and lists as well as that frustration of not being able to party, the “Halloween in Los Angeles” web page was born. Only two years later, it was already getting almost 10,000 visits in two months. So, for 2004 it finally grew up. I split out the pages and given its own identity. Almost 100,000 visitors just to the Halloween pages, not counting the chaos of that many more to my costuming side of the web.

2005 was an interesting ride of an average of 10k visitors a day. We started doing radio interviews on LA and Halloween events.

In 2006, per your requests, I’ve added a separate page for Day of the Dead type events. Please send in more.

In 2007, the Los Angeles Times chose us as reference to LA’s Halloween Events. We added more fun categories so we could highlight even more fun in LA.

We just keep growing. Halloween Events in LA is part of Alley Cat Scratch Costume. We are now fully recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.

I’d like to thank the folks that have sent me even more events… and nagged me to keep going. Please send in new things as you find them, or if you have an events yourself.


We encourage you to visit all the Halloween tabs, not just the one the search engine popped you into. You’ll find a great eclectic selection of events to check out… via the web if nothing else. These are fun events and some of the haunted sites that go with them have wonderful web sites.

Even if you’re housebound for Halloween, check out the haunted house sites and the extra links. Fix up some popcorn to go with the candy and turn on the TV and enjoy all the movies.

After Halloween, check out the other links to the left, there are hundreds of pages on costumes on other parts of Alley Cat Scratch Costume.

Please contact da site’s mascot at spookycat@alleycatscratch.com with any corrections or if you have a new event to bring to our attention.

Note: we do not just swap links or banners as a traffic gaining method. If you have an event for the Los Angeles area, we will add you. No reciprocal link is required, but always appreciated.